Bid Requests  Award Notices (if any) will be Posted Here. Please Check Back Here for Updates.

Champlain Valley Plumbing and Heating was awarded the heating oil contract for 2020-2021.

Paving Bid Awarded to Fuller Sand and Gravel for 2020.

F. A. S. Trucking and Landscaping was awarded the Town’s mowing contract for 2020.


Insurance Requirements for Contractors


Consent of Candidate and Petition for Elective Office

Election 2020 Results

Justices of the Peace Election Results

Green Mt. National Forest

GMNF Scoping Details Habitat Creation GMNF Habitat Maps

Schedule of Proposed Action Oct. 1 – Dec. 31, 2020


Driveway Access Permit

Municipal Roads General Permit

Overweight Vehicle Permit Form 2020

Road Stormwater Management Plan

Street Excavation Permit

Town Roads and Bridge Standards

Job Openings

Zoning Administrator Vacancy

Application for Employment


Candidate and Poll Watcher Rules

Homer Stone Brook- Final Report

Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Draft 11-16-20


Planning and Zoning Documents

Peddler/Vendor License Application

Public Works Mutual Aid Agreement 2020

Town Hall Facility Use Agreement

Town Plan Adopted June 4, 2018

Town Roads and Bridge Standards Adopted July 15, 2019

Wallingford Stormwater Master Plan Final Report


Conflict of Interest Policy

COVID-19 Control Plan

Delinquent Tax Collector Policy

Driveway Access Policy

Grant Policy  Grant Worksheet

Purchasing Policy

Right-of-Way Review Policy

Town Hall Building Use Policy

Trail Policy


Creek Road Project September 2020

New England Clean Power Link Draft Stormwater Runoff Permit

 New England Clean Power Link Fact Sheet for Discharge Permit

Stone Project (SAMESUN) September 2020

Homer Stone Berm Letter Homer Stone Brook Berm Project


Great Elfin Lake 5K Race Sponsor Letter

Stone Meadow Trail Map

Summer Camp Scholarship Application


Wallingford High School Alumni Association Scholarship Application

Wallingford Masons 2020 Scholarship Application

Wallingford Scholarship Application


Shoreland Project Worksheet

Shoreland Permit Application Instructions

Shoreland Permit Application

Shoreland Project Registration Form

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State of Vermont

VTrans BUILD Rail Bridge Proposal

Town Meeting

School Warning

Proposed Town FY’21 Budget

Town Meeting Warning

Transfer Station

Compost With Confidence

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