Hours:Transfer_Station_4 Monday: Noon – 5:00 PM Wednesday: Noon – 5:00 PM Saturday:  8:00 AM – Noon  

Attendants: Jim Regula and Art Nemeth

Wallingford Transfer Station 90 Waldo Lane Wallingford, VT 05773 (802) 446-2524


COVID-19 – The Transfer Station is accepting solid waste, recyclables, food scraps, e-waste, appliances and metals at this time, per order of the Selectboard.

Transfer Station Fees 2020

Wallingford is a member of the Rutland County Solid Waste District. Residents may use the Gleason Road facility with a $10 per calendar year permit available through RCSWD.

Stickers for Vehicles

Vehicles entering the transfer station must display municipal stickers. Stickers may be purchased at Town Hall or the Transfer Station at a cost of $3 each. Must provide proof of residency.

Punch Cards

Property owners will receive a 50- and a 20-hole punch card with their property tax bills. Additional cards may be purchased at the Transfer Station or Town Hall at a cost of $20 and $50 each. Per orders of the Selectboard, starting February 1, 2020, punch cards may only be used for bags of garbage. Residents will be assessed fees to dispose of furniture, appliances and other items.

Food Scraps

Beginning July 1, 2020, state regulations ban food scraps from the solid waste stream. Food scraps cannot be thrown away with garbage. You may either compost or put food scraps in the designated bin at the transfer station.  Rutland County Solid Waste District sells residential compost bins. For more information, visit http://www.rcswd.com/, or call (802) 775-7209.

The Wallingford Transfer Station accepts residential food scraps. Compostable bags for kitchen food scrap collectors are sold at the transfer station at a cost of $4 for a box of 25 of the 3-gallon bags.

Items allowed in the food scrap bin: vegetables and fruit peels, dairy products, meat, fish, bones, bread, rice, pasta, tea bags, grounds, filters, cooking oil, eggshells and soiled napkins.

NOT allowed in the food scrap bin: cans, bottles, glass, paper products, cardboard, plastic bags, Styrofoam, disposable cups or cutlery, shrink wrap, motor oil and grease, pet or human waste, hazardous materials.

For More Information, click here.

Hazardous Household Waste

Rutland County Solid Waste District sponsors Household Hazardous Waste days at the transfer statin each year. On Saturday, October 17 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., you may bring your household hazardous waste free of charge to the transfer station. New restrictions this year from RCSWD:

Due to the COVID-19 environment, certain changes in previous years’ processes have been made to align with VBOH/CDC guidance. Each participant must remain in the vehicle with a mask on. All materials to dispose of must be organized such that items can be placed on a table in little time. Do not use garbage bags. A staff member will process paperwork to include contact information. Participants will need to have a completed, in advance materials drop-off list. This materials list should be easy to read and it should detail each material with estimated volume.  When this is completed, participant will be asked to exit the vehicle and place materials on the table, and maintain social distancing.  Excessive materials will not be accepted and will be referred to the Gleason Road facility. Nothing will be returned (gas cans etc.). Please leave your pets at home.
For a list of accepted household hazardous waste, click here.

Zero Sort
The Wallingford Transfer Station has Zero Sort recycling, so you no longer have to sort your recyclables. Just drop all your recyclables into in the Zero Sort bin.

Residents may bring electronic waste to the Transfer Station and place in the appropriate bins in the shed. For a list of accepted items, click on here.

Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law (Act 148)
The Vermont Legislature unanimously passed the Universal Recycling Law in 2012, which bans disposal of recyclables (metal, glass, plastics #1 and #2, paper and cardboard) by July 1, 2015; leaf and yard debris and clean wood by July 1, 2016; and food scraps by July 1, 2020.

For more information about Act 148, visit the Department of Environmental Conservation’s web site at http://dec.vermont.gov/waste-management/solid/universal-recycling.

Yard Waste

Residents may bring leaves as well as yard waste under 1-inch in diameter to the transfer station on Saturdays. Yard waste fees: $2 per 30-gallon bag, $30 per yard.

Leaves must be in compostable/biodegradable bags. Bags may be purchased at the transfer station ($1 for 2 bags) or at supply stores like Home Depot (remember, bags must be biodegradable/compostable). Brush, limbs and other yard debris must be no larger than 1-inch in diameter. See Transfer Station attendants to pay fees before dropping off yard waste in the designated area.

The town of Wallingford belongs to the Rutland County Solid Waste District. Therefore, residents may also bring yard waste to the RCSWD Transfer Station on Gleason Road in Rutland. The district accepts leaves and grass, plus brush up to 24 inches in diameter and unlimited length for nominal fees. The leaves and grass clippings are used in a food waste compost program. The brush is chipped and sold to a biomass facility for the generation of electricity. Screened composted materials is available as a ready-for-the-garden finished product at $20.00 per ton (subject to availability).

Trash Burning Trash burning is illegal in Vermont.  The state’s Agency of Natural Resources has a public education effort called “Don’t Burn Vermont” to inform Vermonters about the harmful effects of trash burning, the penalties for violating the law, and low cost and convenient alternatives.  You can find out more by visiting their website at www.dontburnvt.org or calling 802-241-3840.

Free Hardcover Book Recycling Offer The RCSWD and GotBooks.com are sponsoring a free hardcover book recycling program. Any Wallingford resident, organization or business may bring to the Gleason Road Recycling Depot hardcover books for recycling at no charge.  The books can be dropped off on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays when the Recycling Center is open.  There is a box trailer on site where residents can put their books. For more information, contact the RCSWD at 775-7209.