Wallingford Town Hall is located at 75 School Street in Wallingford, VT 05773

Town Government Hours Temporarily While Town Hall is Closed to the Public.

Town Clerk and Treasurer: Mon.-Thurs. 8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. by phone or email.
Town Administrator: Mon-Thurs 8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. by phone or email (accepts calls and will answer emails after hours and weekends).
Assessor:  By Appointment
Zoning Administrator: Thursdays 1:00 P.M. – 4:30 P.M. by phone or email.
Fire Dis#1 Clerk/Treas. Email wallfired1@gmail.net
Transfer Station: Monday & Wednesday Noon – 5:00 P.M. Saturday 8:00 A.M. – Noon essential materials only – garbage, recycling, food scraps.

Town Directory

VT State Legislature: (800) 322-5616 (Statehouse)
Rutland 2 District ~ David Potter: dpotter@leg.state.vt.us
Rutland 2 District ~ Tom Burditt: tburditt@leg.state.vt.us
Sen. Brian Collamore ~ bcollamore@leg.state.vt.us
Sen. Cheryl Hooker ~ chooker@leg.state.vt.us
Sen. James McNeil ~ jmcneil@leg.state.vt.us
U.S. Senators and Representative:
Sen. Patrick Leahy ~ (802) 863-2525, (802) 229-0569, (202) 224-4242
Sen. Bernie Sanders ~ (802) 862-0697, (202) 224-5141
Rep. Peter Welch ~ (802) 652-2450, (202) 225-4155

Town Contacts                         Name                          Phone                       Email

Town Clerk and Treasurer Julie Sharon 446-2336 townclerk@wallingfordvt.com
Selectboard Patricia Pranger 446-2066  selectboard@wallingfordvt.com
Selectboard Bruce Duchesne 446-2502 selectboard@wallingfordvt.com
Selectboard John McClallen 446-3244 selectboard@wallingfordvt.com
Selectboard Nelson Tift 446-2663 selectboard@wallingfordvt.com
Selectboard Rose Regula 446-2820 selectboard@wallingfordvt.com
Town Agent Julie Sharon 446-2336 townclerk@wallingfordvt.com
Town Administrator Sandi Switzer 446-2872 townadmin@wallingfordvt.com
Zoning Administrator Jeffrey Biasuzzi 446-2974 zoning@wallingfordvt.com
Assessor John Tiffany 446-2974 walllisters@wallingfordvt.com
Trust. of Public Funds Melissa Whitmore 446-2390 mwhitemore@vermontel.net
Trust. of Public Funds David Ballou 446-2717 rotary05@aol.com
Trust. of Public Funds Joyce Barbieri 446-2614 ottercreek@vermontel.net
Town Garage Steve, Charlie, Kyle 446-2472
Road Commissioner
Philip Baker
Transfer Station Jim Regula 446-2524
First Constable
Fire Warden Mark Barone 446-2349
Deputy Fire Warden Marty Rabtoy(E. Wall) 345-5550
Dog Warden
Elfin Lake 446-2496 townadmin@wallingfordvt.com
Health Officer Trisha Nash 446-7010
Del. Tax Collector Jill Stone Teer 353-8740 jstoneteer@gmail.com
Fire District 1 Marianne Goulet 446-2964 wallfired1@vermontel.net
Justice of the Peace Ruth Anne Barker 446-2932
Justice of the Peace Liz Filskov 779-5915
Justice of the Peace Ann Buffum 446-2877
Justice of the Peace Sandra Eddy 446-2538
Justice of the Peace Judy Edmunds 446-3995
Justice of the Peace Lynn Edmunds 446-3995
Justice of the Peace Gary Fredette 446-2128
Justice of the Peace Wendy Savery 446-3013
Justice of the Peace Sue Thayer 259-2997
Justice of the Peace Tom Truex 446-3891