For contact details, visit the Town Officer Directory page. Interested in volunteering? Click here for information on vacant municipal posts.

Selectboard Rob Barker, Carolyn Behrendt, Justin Jankus, Kathy Luzader (Chair), and Mark Tessier (Vice Chair)
Town Clerk  Julie Sharon
Town Treasurer Julie Sharon
Assessor  NEMRC – John Tiffany
Auditors Patricia Pranger, Jim Bagnall, and 1 Vacancy
Town Moderator Tammy Heffernan
School Moderator Grant Reynolds
First Constable Robert Cook
Del. Tax Collector Jill Stone Teer 802-353-8740   Do not call the Town Office.
MRUUSD School Directors Nick Flanders, Patricia Bowen, Grey Wicker, and Sarah Wicker
Trustees of Public Funds Pat Pranger, Anne Awad, and 1 Vacancy
Justices of the Peace Nan Dubin, Maureen Duchesne, Sandy Eddy, Gary Fredette, Kate Goetz, Curtis Lidstone, Tony Petrossi, Wendy Savery, Stanley Seward, and Ken Welch
State Reps. Tom Burditt (R) and Art Peterson (R)
State Senators Brian Collamore (R), David Weeks (R), and Terry Williams (R)

Town Officers

(for contact details, visit the Town Officer Directory page)

Town Administrator Sandi Switzer
Assistant Town Clerk/Assistant Treasurer Jill Stone Teer
Zoning Administrator  Erika Berner
Road Commissioner Philip Baker 802-446-2131
Dog Warden Joseph Elwell 802-395-1114
Planning Commission Erika Berner (Chair), Jill Burkett, Tony Masuck (Vice Chair), and Kevin Mullin. 1 Vacancy. Jeff Biasuzzi, alternate
Development Review Board Dave Ballou (Vice Chair), Elizabeth Blaisdell, Jill Burkett, Jason Stone, and Lucy Thayer (Chair) Alternates Joyce Barbieri and Jeff Biasuzzi
Tree Warden Rob Barker 802-446-2932
Health Officer  Trisha Nash 802-345-6993 (public issues only)
Fire Warden & Deputy Roger Sheehan, Jr. 802-548-6298 & Marty Rabtoy 802-345-5550 (E. Wall)
Recreation Committee David Cornwell (Vice Chair), Brian Ferguson, Sandra Hochberg, Mark Noble, and Shannon Pytlik.   
Emergency Mgmt. Director Jim Bagnall
E911 Coordinators Eric and Dale Davenport
Fire Protection Budget Committee Richard Kendall, Michael McMahon, and Mark Tessier
Green Up Coordinators Conservation Commission
Rep. to Rutland Region Planning Commission Erika Berner
Alt. Rep. to RRPC  
Rep. to RCSWD  
Alt. Rep. to RCSWD  
Rep. to Rutland Trans. Advisory Council Bruce Dobbins
Alt. Rep. to RRTC  
VSP Community Advisory Board Trisha Nash
Conservation Commission Carol Macleod, Ralph Nimtz (Co-Chair), Jane Quigley, Dennis Duhaime, Denise Eddy (Co-Chair), and Deborah Scranton. One vacancy. 
Energy Committee Ken Welch, Katherine MacLauchlan (Vice Chair), John Armstrong, Doug Blodgett, Tom Fort, Ralph Nimtz, Rob Stubbins, David Castonguay (Chair), and Jay White
 Wallingford Day 

Maria French, Monica DeLorme, Jane Duda, Michael Luzader and Barbara Boucher