Building/Zoning Permit Process

Permits are required for all structures, renovations and additions. Home occupations, variances, new driveways, conditional uses and changes in use also require a town permit.

Fees – Contact the Zoning Administrator for more information.

Non-Commercial Projects

Approved or referred to the Development Review Board within 30 days of receipt of a complete application by the Zoning Administrator:

A. New one and two family residential construction (including attached/detached structures, decks, porch areas) – permit fee $75 base fee and $0.10 per square foot of foundation area.

B. New accessory structures (free standing; in addition to existing structures) and/or new and attached additions or permit required alterations to existing structures – permit fee $50 base fee and $0.10 per square foot of foundation area.

C. Home Occupations Permits – permit fee $25.

Commercial Projects

Including multi-family dwelling applications (does not include Development Review, Consulting or other special costs that may be required).

A. For total project value estimated to be under $5,000 -permit fee $200 .

B. For total project value estimated to be over $5,000 – permit fee $300 and $1 per $1,000 of project value. Note: Commercial signs (by separate application and fee), per Article IX may be applied concurrently.

Sign Permits

Details for signs may vary in a specific zone district. Illuminated signs require additional DRB review fee.  Sign permit fee – $50.

Fee for Special Review

A. Assignments to the Appropriate Municipal Panel, such as Development Review Board for public hearings to address Zoning Administrator referrals, appeals, variances, waivers, flood plain reviews, signage or Selectboard requests – fee $250/initial hearing and one publication notice.

B. Each additional hearing – fee $100/hearing plus additional publication notice cost(s).

C. Site review $30/hour and town consultant expense at cost.

D. Request Zoning Administrator written Letter of Opinion with maximum 3 hours of research – fee $90.


A. Minor – 2 to 4 lots from a “source” property within a 10-year period; regardless of multiple ownership. Application subject to Zoning Administrator review. A survey mylar is to be recorded within 60 days of approval or permit may be revoked – fee $50/lot.

B. Major – 5 or more parcels created from source property with a 10-year period, Development Review Board hearing required. Refer to Town Subdivision rules – fee $100/lot.

Driveway Inspection

New application to access Town roads – fee $35.

Recording Fees

In addition to permit fees:

A. Recording deeds, permits, Letters of Opinion, miscellaneous documents – fee $15 per page.

B. Recording survey mylar – fee $25 per sheet


*Submit a completed permit application to the Zoning Administrator (ZA), along with the required fee. The ZA will not accept incomplete permit applications. Completed permit applications must have:

  • Application completely filled-out (including soils evaluation report & driveway access permit, if applicable)
  • Design sketch attached with dimensions of lot, dimensions and placement of buildings, town road, driveway, septic system, well, north arrow, signature, setbacks (footage) of building/additions from property lines and road
  • Septic system designed by an engineer with design included with permit 
  • Fee payment

The Zoning Administrator has 30 days to act on a permit, although it is usually addressed within one to two weeks. Please do not expect that it will be addressed the day after it is submitted. After the permit is approved by the ZA, it is posted at the Post Office for a 15-day appeal period. You will receive a letter indicating the end of the appeal period. If the permit is not appealed, then construction can begin after the end of the 15-day appeal period.

Commercial Permits. The Development Review Board approves commercial permits and site plans. The DRB meets on an “on call” basis, therefore, the permit must be in the ZA’s hands 25 days prior to a meeting. A minimum 15-day public warning is required prior to a Development Review Board appeal hearing.

Variance/Conditional Use Request. A variance or commercial use request must be warned in the newspaper 15 days prior to a meeting. The meeting day is determined by the DRB chair after the completed permit has been submitted to the ZA. The Decision Notice by the DRB is posted at the Post Office for a 30-day appeal period to VT Environmental Court.

*If your property is located in Wallingford Fire District #1 and you’re adding either a bathroom or bedroom, you must obtain approval from the Wallingford Fire District #1 as well.  Please call them at (802) 446-2964.

Additional Information

Vermont statutes require the public be provided with a minimum of 15 days warning period in which to appeal a permit. As such, a permit poster must be displayed on the property within sight of the public way for at least 15 days after the issue date of the permit. This permit is not effective until this requirement is met.

A town permit does not release a person from obtaining and complying with any and all other local, state or federal laws and permits the project may require. These may include (but are not limited to) permits for driveway access, sewage/wastewater and drinking water, construction in a flood zone, wetland impact, shore land protection, storm water, hazardous material disposal and building energy standards. A town permit will be voided for failure to comply. Misrepresentation, error or change to the specifications stated in a permit application will also void a permit.

Town permits expire if a project is not started within 12 months and/or the project is not completed within 24 months of the effective date of the permit.

If the permit includes the renovation or construction of a living area to be heated or air conditioned, Vermont’s Building Energy Code will likely apply. Unless an applicant state’s familiarity with the Code (Act 20/1997 and Act 45/2009), VT statute instructs the zoning administrator supply the RBES information handbook.

For more information, please call the Zoning Administrator at 446-2974 or send an e-mail.