Ordinance Regarding Solicitation


§4401.  PEDDLERS

(a)    The Selectmen shall have the power and authority to license and regulate itinerant vendors, peddlers, door-to-door salesmen, and those selling goods, wares, merchandise, or services who engage in a transient or temporary business or who sell from an automobile, truck wagon, or other vehicle or conveyance, excepting persons selling fruits, vegetables or other farm produce and including unsolicited distribution of handbills, literature, publications, or other materials, solicitation of membership or participation in any group, organization, or activity by accosting persons an any public thoroughfare in the Town of Wallingford.

(b)    School children may not be approached under any circumstances on the way to school or on the way home from school.

(c)    The Town Clerk may be authorized by the Selectmen to issue a license or permit for such peddling and selling and the terms and fees therefore shall be fixed by the Selectmen.

Adopted 7/5/78

Wallingford Selectboard

Peddler/Vendor License Application