Section I – Purpose

In accordance with 24 VSA Ch 61 2291(16) and 24 VSA Section 4421, the Wallingford Select Board hereby establishes the following ordinance in order to develop a uniform street naming and street numbering system throughout the Town of Wallingford to enable persons to locate addresses effectively and in a timely manner for purposes of providing emergency services and deliveries:

Section II – Street Naming

Each street or road shall be assigned a name by the Wallingford Select Board. This name should be separate and distinct from any previously assigned street name in the Town of Wallingford. Through streets should be named: drive, road or street. Dead end streets should be named: circle, court, heights, lane, place, or way. A shared driveway of any length, having three or more residences on it shall be defined as a private road. Private roads should be named. A driveway having up to two residences on it shall be defined as a driveway, and shall not be required to be named.

Section III – Street Numbering

Private roads and town highways shall be assigned numbers based upon increments of 5.28 feet. Low numbers shall start nearest the traffic light in the center of town (intersection of Route 7 and Route 140) and increase as they head out of Town. Odd numbers shall be assigned to the left side of the street and even numbers to the right, as they head out of Town. Generally, all numbers shall be assigned in relation to the driveway from the street.

Apartment houses shall be given one street number and each individual apartment shall be given a number. Combined commercial and apartment complexes should be give one street number and each individual apartment or commercial unit shall be give a number.

Section IV – Posting of Designated Street Addresses

1.   The owner or occupant in charge of a house or building to which a number has been assigned will be asked to affix the number on or near the front door, if visible from the road. When the number is not visible from the main road, it should be affixed to a sign or number post at the driveway entrance, at the main road. All non-valid street numbers should be removed from all houses and buildings.

2.   Numerals indicating the official numbers from each principal building or each front entrance to such building (or if not visible from the road on a sign or post at driveway entrance) should be posted in a manner as to be legible and distinguishable from the street on which the property is located, with letters painted or applied, of a contrasting color to the background, or no less than four (4) inches in height, preferably extruted aluminum with reflective sheeting or flat aluminum blades with reflective sheeting.

Section V – Future Development

As new residences or commercial properties are constructed, new numbers will be issued. As new roads are laid out, they will be named by the Select Board.

Section VI – Street Signs

The Town shall install and maintain street signs with designated names.

Section VII – Effective Date

This ordinance shall take effect and be in full force and effect sixty (60) days from its passage. All ordinances or parts of ordinance in conflict therewith are hereby repealed.

Section VIII – Severability

The various provisions of this ordinance shall be construed as separable. The invalidity of one provision shall not render invalid the remaining provisions.

Adopted 2/24/97

Wallingford Selectboard