For contact details, visit the Town Officer Directory page.

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Selectboard Bill Brooks (Chair), Gary Fredette (Vice Chair), Rose Regula, Mark Tessier, and Nelson Tift
Town Clerk  Julie Sharon
Town Treasurer Julie Sharon
Assessor  Lisa Wright
Auditors Nick Benjamin, Jane Duda, and Patricia Pranger
Town Moderator A. Jay Kenlan
School Moderator A. Jay Kenlan
First Constable Robert Cook
Town Agent Julie Sharon
Del. Tax Collector Lee Perry
Grand Juror Julie Sharon
MRUUSD School Directors Bjorn Behrendt, Maria French, Tammy Heffernan and Paul Rondinone
Trustees of Public Funds Paula Baker, David Ballou, and Melissa Whitmore 
Justices of the Peace Ruth Anne Barker,  Ron Boucher, Ann Buffum, Sandra Eddy, Lynn Edmunds, Judy Edmunds, Pat Pranger, Wendy Savery, Sue Thayer, and Thomas Truex
State Representatives Tom Burditt (R) & Dave Potter (D)
State Senators Peg Flory (R), Brian Collamore (R), David Soucy (R)
Special Officers  Nelson Tift and Jerry Tift


Town Officers

(for contact details, visit the Town Officer Directory page)

Town Administrator Sandi Switzer
Assistant Town Clerks/Treasurers Jill Stone Teer and Sandi Switzer
Zoning Administrator  Jeffrey Biasuzzi
Road Commissioner Philip Baker 446-2131
Dog Warden Tori Filskov 342-2388
Planning Commission Erika Berner (Chair), Daniel Alcorn, Jill Burkett, Justin Jankus, and Kevin Mullin. Jeff Biasuzzi, alternate 
Development Review Board Jill Burkett, Erika Berner, Bill Brooks (Chair), Dave Ballou, and Lucy Thayer. Alternate Beth Sheehe 
Tree Warden Steven Pytlik
Health Officer  Trisha Nash 446-7010 (public issues only)
Fire Warden David Gilman 446-3100
Deputy Fire Warden Art Seward 259-2277
Recreation Committee Michelle Kenny (Chair), Bastian Auer, Diane Baker, Carolyn Behrendt, Anthony Cirelli, Trisha Nash and Eileen Tessier. 
Emergency Mgmt Coordinator Gary Wells
E911 Coordinator Eric and Dale Davenport
Fire Protection Budget Committee Richard Kendall, Mark Tessier, Nelson Tift
Green Up Coordinators Conservation Commission
Rep. to Rutland Region Planning Commission Erika Berner
Alt. Rep. to RRPC Bill Brooks
Rep. to Rutland County
Solid Waste District
Mark Tessier
Alt. Rep. to RCSWD Jim Regula
Rep. to Rutland Region Trans. Council Erika Berner
Alt. Rep. to RRTC Gary Fredette
VSP Community Advisory Board  Trisha Nash
Conservation Commission Marc Pramuk and Jill Burkett (Co-Chairs), Carol Macleod, Trisha Nash, Ralph Nimtz, Deborah Scranton, Pat Stone, 2 vacancies
Energy Committee Ken Welch & Jay White (Co-Chairs), John Armstrong, Nick Benjamin, Doug Blodgett, Katherine Maclauchlan, Milt Moore, and Ralph Nimtz, 1 Vacancy
Energy Coordinators
State Representatives
Rutland County Senators
Ken Welch & Jay White
Dave Potter and Tom Burditt
Brian Collamore, Peg Flory and David Soucy