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Please be sure you are only tossing in acceptable items in the Zero Sort bin at the Wallingford Transfer Station. Acceptable items include: corrugated cardboard, cereal, shoe and dry food boxes, soda cartons, paper egg cartons, tissue boxes, paper towel and toilet paper cores, envelopes and mail, magazines and soft covered books, newspapers, white and colored paper, shredded paper, plastics 1-7 and rigid plastics, glass bottles and jars, aluminum cans, foils and plates, and metal cans.

Zero Sort does not accept styrofoam, plastic bags, food waste, no tyvex or plastic envelopes, no plastic wrapping or CDs, no newspapers that contain paint or pet waste, no plastics, glass or tin with food or other residue (must be rinsed).

For a complete list, visit Transfer Station – Town of Wallingford, VT | Town of Wallingford, VT – Our Community (

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