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The Manchester Ranger District is proposing a stepwise approach to addressing the complaints fielded to date at the White Rocks Recreation site.  The district’s plan of action to address the concerns raised is the following: 1. The district intends on keeping the gate closed to the site. Keeping the gate closed will minimize and discourage overnight stays, large group interactions at the picnic site, and convey to the public while the site remains accessible there are limited amenities (no access to restrooms, trash receptacles, etc.). 2. The district will commit to increased site monitoring. The district currently has timber staff working in the Bully Brook area. Staff working in that area will drive to the gate on their way to their job site and on the way back from their job site monitoring site use. They will notify United States Forest Service law enforcement of anything that looks out of the ordinary or in violation of policy. The monitoring will typically be two to three days per week but could be more or less in any given week. 3. The district’s law enforcement officer will commit to increased site monitoring. Sites visits by law enforcement will be worked in, when possible, on days when there is not any other district employee visiting the site. 4. Anytime there is an incident identified through site monitoring violating policy or through public complaint, the district’s law enforcement officer will provide the appropriate response and follow-up. 5. The Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forests will be distributing a press release tomorrow to local media outlets highlighting the need for folks to follow the Governor’s orders and CDC guidance.  David Francomb District Ranger Forest Service Green Mountain & Finger Lakes National Forests Manchester Ranger District o: 802-362-2307 x7212 c: 802-222-1833 f: 802-362-1251 2538 Depot Street Manchester Center, VT 05255

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