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To: The Towns RCSD Serves, 

Since 12-25-21 there has been numerous vehicle break-ins in the Town of Proctor.  In all these cases vehicles were un-locked and could have been avoided.  In several cases vehicles were gone through and no property was taken but, in some cases, where valuables such as tools and money were found they were taken.  The individuals responsible have not broken any windows to gain access to any of the vehicles.  However, I have no doubt that if something of significant value was left in plain sight, they might seize that opportunity.  Other Deputies and I are currently investigating and have leads on suspects. 

Like I said we have suspects which are familiar with the Town of Proctor which is most likely why it was targeted but I believe my suspects to be fueling a drug habit, so it is not impossible for them to go to other towns. 

I want all the Towns that we serve to be aware and inform residents to lock up their vehicles and keep valuables in their homes and not their vehicles.  The use of front porch forum, the Towns website,  or social media groups is usually a very helpful tool. 

If your any of your residents have this happen, please encourage them to call RCSD no matter how insignificant they might think it is because in a lot of cases evidence left in snow such as boot prints start to degrade immediately and are time sensitive.  In Proctors cases valuable evidence was lost due to late reporting where cases could have been linked and the same suspects tied to the crime.   In most cases we believe these incidents are happening in the early morning hours between the hours of 2am and 6am.  It is critical that if town residents see something out of place that they report it.  Also encourage town residents with Ring Door cams that they may have crucial evidence placing suspects in your area if these crimes should occur.  

Thank you and have a good new year.


Lt. Bennick Lt. James Bennick RC5

Rutland County Sheriff’s Department
88 Grove Street (Po Box 303)
Rutland, VT 05701

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