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Lisa Cotrupi and Lawrie Roundy will Co-Direct the four-week Summer Recreation Program with the help of Counselor Debby Neubert. The program will run the weeks of June 27, July 5, August 8, and August 15. For more details, registration forms, flyer, click here.

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Mark your calendars! Wallingford Memorial Rotary Club will hold its annual Roast Pork Fundraising Dinner on Saturday, April 2nd, from 4:30 to 6:30 PM, and for this year will be take-out only. Meals will include roast pork with gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans sautéed with shallots, dinner rolls, and apple galette for dessert. The cost will be $15 per person. Meals can be ordered and paid for online any time between March 12 and 28 by going to

If you are unable to order online, you can call Rotarian Nan Dubin at 802-259-3490 to place your order. Meals will be available for pick up at the Rotary building at 96 North Main Street in Wallingford. Please have one person come inside to pick up your order.  We will help you to your car with your meals.

Wallingford Memorial Rotary Club is a service organization dedicated to helping others, both in our community and across the globe.  When you support our fundraisers, you are helping promote health, peace and goodwill, and we thank you. Sue Thayer, President Wallingford Memorial Rotary Club

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture – Forest Service has provided the results of their review of changes to the Early Successional Habitat Creation (ESHC) Project relative to road construction and harvest activities. The purpose of the review is to determine if new information or changed circumstances associated with the proposed reduction in road construction and harvest treatment areas compared to what was approved in the 2019 project decision notice warrants supplementation to the original environmental analysis.
The Early Successional Habitat Creation Project – Reduced Roads DRAFT Supplemental Information Report (Draft SIR) is now available for your review and input.  The Draft SIR documents the review of proposed changes to the original ESHC project activities and conclusions determined by the Responsible Official (District Ranger Martina Barnes) based on review results provided by Forest Service resource specialists. 
They are inviting your comments specific to the Draft SIR for a 30-day comment period ending April 8, 2022.  The Draft SIR and supporting documents can be accessed on the ESHC project website (“Reduced Roads SIR” link under the “Post-Decision” tab) at:
Your input will be considered as they finalize the SIR following the comment period.
Please feel free to contact Jay Strand if you have any questions.P 802-767-4261 x5522 or jay.strand@usda.gov

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Due to the storm forecasted on Saturday, March 11, the rabies clinic has been POSTPONED until Saturday, March 19th – from noon to 2 p.m. at Town Hall.

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Healthcare event at the Wallingford Town Hall!

Adult wellness meetings which focus on oral health.

Do you or someone you know struggle with obtaining basic dental care? You may not have dental insurance or maybe you have some coverage, but not enough to provide for the essential care you need.

Are there other barriers to care such as transportation issues or the stress and anxiety some people experience when they visit a healthcare provider? These feelings are very real and may cause you to avoid office visits and neglect the basic health care that you need.

The Rutland County Free Clinic will be holding an event on Thursday, April 7th at the Wallingford Town Hall from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.. 

This event will provide:

  • An opportunity to speak with a dental care professional in a casual setting.
  • Access to education and free oral health care supplies for the participant and everyone living in their home.
  • Assistance in determining a next step that a participant feels is reasonable and willing to accomplish so they may begin to improve their dental health and overall wellbeing.
  • Referrals for free dental care/procedures if appropriate.

This wellness event is completely free. There are a limited number of appointments available and registration is required. If you are interested, please do not wait to call 802-774-1085 to complete a simple pre-registration process and secure your 30-minute appointment.

This event is brought to you in part by the United Way of Rutland County. Working together with the RC Free Clinic to provide community-based care whenever possible.

Park Street Healthshare, Inc. dba Rutland County Free Clinic has been serving the uninsured and underinsured adults living in Rutland County for over 25 years. Please visit our website at

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The Town of Wallingford is accepting applications for Elfin Lake lifeguard and concession posts. If interested, please contact the town administrator at or call 802-446-2872 to request an application.

Applications are available on the Documents page, or click here.

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All special articles on the municipal Town Meeting ballot passed, including the budget, Reserve funds, cannabis sale and Revenue Augmentation Trust questions.

Carolyn Behrendt and Justin Jankus were elected to the Selectboard, Liz Filskov and Paul Garland were elected as school directors. For complete Town Meeting results, click here.