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The Town of Wallingford’s Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP) must be updated every five years. A committee comprised of Selectboard members Nelson Tift and Bruce Duchesne, Road Foreman Steve Lanfear, Road Commissioner Phil Baker, Town Clerk and Treasurer Julie Sharon, Town Administrator Sandi Switzer, and Wallingford Volunteer Fire Dept. Fire Chief Michael Hughes will work with Steffanie Bourque, Emergency Management Planner with the Rutland Regional Planning Commission (RRPC), on the update. A Kick-Off Meeting was held on June 9. The purpose of the LHMP is to assist the Town in identifying natural hazards facing our community, ranking them according to local vulnerabilities, and then identify strategies to reduce risks from vulnerabilities of highest concern. As the committee works through the update process expected to take several months, public hearings will be scheduled to seek input from residents and business owners alike. Your participation would be greatly appreciated. The planning process will include; a Project Kick-Off Meeting with Planning Team; Compile Hazards Information & Complete Vulnerability Assessment; Present Hazard Identification & Vulnerability Assessment in Public Meeting; Develop Mitigation Strategy; Present Mitigation Strategy in Public Meeting; Submit Plan to Vermont Emergency Management (VEM) and Revise if Needed; Submit Plan to FEMA, Revise if Needed, and Adopt Plan The plan is expected to be finalized late fall. For more information on the planning process or to find out about upcoming opportunities for public input, contact Steffanie Bourque at the RRPC – or 802-775-0871 x206.

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