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Town of Wallingford has experienced extensive damage to infrastructure as a result of the 07/10/23 weather event. Damage includes but is not limited to: Carrara Camp Road Bridge, Church St., Sugar Hill Road, Homerstone and Hartsboro Roads, Audy Ln, Creek Rd, River St., Centerville, Blackwood, North End Drive, Seward Hill, Parker Rd, Hawkins, Wall Pond Road, Waldo Lane, Dawson, Maple/River/Creek Rd Intersection, Creek Rd Bridge, Carrara Camp Rd, Elm St Ext, Ice Bed plus the Recreation area off Meadow Street and many culverts.

If you have photos of infrastructure damage – Town roads, Town bridges, and culverts – please email to Reminder, Route 140 East, Route 7 and Route 103 are state roads and any damage should be reported to VTrans.

District 3 – Rutland

Christopher Taft, District Transportation Administrator
61 Valley View Suite #2
Mendon, Vermont 05701
Phone: (802) 379-2266
Fax: (802) 786-5894

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