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The U.S. Department of Agriculture – Forest Service has provided the results of their review of changes to the Early Successional Habitat Creation (ESHC) Project relative to road construction and harvest activities. The purpose of the review is to determine if new information or changed circumstances associated with the proposed reduction in road construction and harvest treatment areas compared to what was approved in the 2019 project decision notice warrants supplementation to the original environmental analysis.
The Early Successional Habitat Creation Project – Reduced Roads DRAFT Supplemental Information Report (Draft SIR) is now available for your review and input.  The Draft SIR documents the review of proposed changes to the original ESHC project activities and conclusions determined by the Responsible Official (District Ranger Martina Barnes) based on review results provided by Forest Service resource specialists. 
They are inviting your comments specific to the Draft SIR for a 30-day comment period ending April 8, 2022.  The Draft SIR and supporting documents can be accessed on the ESHC project website (“Reduced Roads SIR” link under the “Post-Decision” tab) at:
Your input will be considered as they finalize the SIR following the comment period.
Please feel free to contact Jay Strand if you have any questions.P 802-767-4261 x5522 or jay.strand@usda.gov

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