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The Vermont Dept. of Environmental Conservation is reaching out to let you know that the Vermont Wetlands Program has posted Draft Vermont Significant Wetlands Inventory (VSWI) updates and associated materials on their website. The Vermont Wetlands Program is requesting feedback before July.

Please help us spread the word about these updates through your contacts with the public, mailing lists, newsletters, Front Porch Forum, social media channels, or other forms of public outreach. 

What are wetlands? Wetlands are also known as swamps, marshes, and bogs. Wetlands provide homes for wildlife, store flood water, and protect clean water. Wetlands are found throughout Vermont and can sometimes be difficult to identify.

Why are updates to the map needed? The State currently has an outdated map that shows the general location of some protected wetlands (Class I and II) called the Vermont Significant Wetlands Inventory (VSWI). The map is neither completely accurate nor comprehensive. The State has been working to improve the map in two significant ways: 1) by adding wetlands to the map, and 2) by revising wetland locations.

Why is the State asking for feedback? The State recognizes the importance of providing maps to the public, so that landowners can avoid impacts to significant wetlands. The updated map is intended to clarify the location of existing significant wetlands and provide better predictability for landowners. The interactive draft VSWI map allows the public to comment on specific proposed wetland mapping.

What can members of the public do?

·       Find out if you might have a wetland on your property with this simple Wetland Screening Tool.

·       Contact your District Wetlands Ecologist if you are proposing construction activities near a wetland regardless of whether it is mapped or not. Not all protected wetlands are mapped. Find your District Wetlands Ecologist on this contact page.

·       Provide yourfeedback before July for consideration prior to the Vermont Wetlands Program starting the formal Rulemaking process (which includes another comment period). You may provide feedback through the interactive map or comment form.

Questions? Feel free to contact the Vermont Wetlands Program if you have any questions at

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