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I am trying to return to business as usual when it comes to obtaining a permit to burn natural debris (grasses, brush, tree limbs, leaves etc.) The total burn ban is over, HOWEVER. SMALL CONTAINED CAMPFIRES – Fires that are in a designated fire pit, ring, outdoor fireplace or chimnea are allowed without a permit. I ask that you do so with great care and it is away from any structures, trees or anything combustible. Also, the fire must be attended at all times and please extinguish completely when you are done. FIRES REQUIRING A PERMIT TO KINDLE – Any fire that does not meet the above criteria. I am going to limit the amount of permits that are out at a time with priority given to those that have left their contact information with me from the beginning. If you call me for a last minute permit it will most likely not be granted. I will ask for a few days to a week advance notice for you to receive a permit. As a reminder, it is illegal to burn garbage or anything that is not natural debris or natural wood. This also includes treated, painted and stained lumber. Thank you for your understanding and patience while we were under a ban. Mark Barone Fire Warden (802)779-7363

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