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The FY’19 budget current property taxes of $797,121.84 plus $2,079 for the Rutland Marketing Initiative approved by voters and the FY’18 net loss of $2,835.43 resulted in an amount to be raised in taxes of $797,121.84 requiring a municipal tax rate of $0.3508, an increase of 3.5 cents. The Wallingford Selectboard on Monday, August 6 set the municipal tax rate at $0.3508.

Vermont Dept. of Taxes issued a Notice of Education Tax Rates for Fiscal Year 2019 for the Town of Wallingford:

~The FY’19 Homestead Education Tax Rate was set at $1.3443, up .0513 cents.

~The FY’19  Non-Residential Tax Rate was set at $1.4635, up .1535 cents.



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