Wallingford Selectboard Minutes*

*These are unofficial Minutes subject to the approval at the next regular meeting.

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September 4, 2012

Present:  Bill Brooks, Nelson Tift, Tom Phillips, Frank Bruce, and Ann Tiplady  

Others Present:  Julie Sharon, Phil Baker, and Sandi Switzer  

Chair B. Brooks called the Selectboard meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  

Minutes.  The August 20th meeting minutes were approved, on a motion made by N. Tift and seconded by F. Bruce.  Motion carried (5-0).   

Selectboard Orders.  Pay orders totaling $277,136.69 were approved on a motion made by B. Brooks and seconded by F. Bruce.  Motion carried (5-0).  This report contained two significant invoices - the first payment for the bridge construction and the paving invoice.  

Interim Zoning Administrator.  Until the Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the Selectboard on appointing a Zoning Administrator, Julie Sharon was appointed as Interim Zoning Administrator, on a motion made by F. Bruce, and seconded by N. Tift.  Motion carried (5-0).  

Other Business/Announcements.  T. Phillips discussed the municipal ticket that Julie recently issued regarding the Clark dog, which is leaving its owner’s property and chasing the neighbor’s children.  This dog has violated the animal ordinance several times over the past few years.  (T. Phillips left the meeting at 6:40 p.m.)  

Road Commissioner’s Report.  Phil Baker reported that the road crew is grading roads on the north side of Route 140 as well as in East Wallingford.  Because of the rain, maintenance was performed at the garage today on several pieces of equipment.  The 2003 Sterling is lacking power and further work needs to be done to find the cause.  The air compressor no longer works due to moisture getting into it following the flood.  The Selectboard agreed to replace it, and Frank offered to check on pricing at Tractor Supply.  Phil recommended buying the three-year extended warranty, which he feels is a great investment.  VTEL has been working in the Hartsboro Road area.  A hole along East Street has been repaired.  Phil reported that once the grading is done for the season, our part-time worker will be put on an “on-call” basis for plowing/sanding this winter.  In the spring, he will be brought back full time to perform ditching and grading again as it saves a lot of down time using a three-man crew.  The culvert installation on the Garrow property is planned for Thursday.   

Dairymen’s League Parcel.  The Selectboard discussed an email from Assessor John Tiffany.   Historically, the Dairymen's League property has been on the Grand List as Owner Unknown with Owner #2 as Dairymen's League. The parcel status has been active, with tax status "nontaxable".  Last year, the State's District Advisor stated that it cannot be an active parcel and not be taxed because it legally is a taxable parcel. Subsequently, it was changed to taxable, which created a tax bill.  The town needs to take the steps necessary to "take" this parcel, make it town property, keep it, sell it or otherwise dispose of it.  This 1.4 acre parcel is located at the southern entrance of Hartsboro Road between Otter Creek and the railroad and has no road access.  Following some discussion, the Selectboard agreed the land is nothing the Town would want to own, and Julie will ask the abutter, the Green Mountain National Forest, if they would be interested in buying this parcel.  

There is also an 8.1 parcel on the town line with Tinmouth, west of West Hill Road in the name of Scott. From what Mr. Tiffany learned, Mr. Scott doesn't recognize any of his land being in Wallingford and refuses to pay any tax liability on it. This parcel has been given zero value by past Listers.  In researching the land records on this parcel, it shows state course and distance easterly into Wallingford, abutting Scott's, as shown on the tax map, and refers to a 1984 survey that may be recorded in Tinmouth.  The problem may have been generated by shifting of the town line and/or poor surveying in the past.  Julie will seek the recorded survey from the Tinmouth Town Clerk.  

Appeal on BCA Decision.  C. J. Abatiell, Jr. has appealed the decision of the BCA to superior court.  Following some discussion, B. Brooks made a motion to authorize the Town Agent to appoint Mr. Tiffany to represent the town in this matter.  Motion seconded by F. Bruce.  Motion carried (4-0).  N. Tift pointed out that he was not at the BCA meeting on July 12th as reported on the official notice.  His name as well as T. Phillips will be removed.  

Julie received an amendment to the Enhancement Agreement for the Route 140W Bridge grant that needed signing.  The January 14, 2009 grant amount agreement was modified from $300,000 to $700,000.  On a motion made by F. Bruce and seconded by N. Tift, authorization was given to B. Brooks to sign this amendment.  Motion carried (4-0). 

The meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.

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