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Explanation of Reappraisal Process and Property Inspections

The process of a town-wide appraisal is one of studying current market values for the community, the factors that impact those values, collecting data on all properties, and then applying a “model” for land and building values for the town.   Property inspections are a vital component of the process.  We collect data during inspections in order to build the model for land and building values, then make adjustments for unique features of individual properties that may impact those values.

Regarding Interior versus Exterior property inspections, we strive to inspect the interior of all properties.   It is the right of any taxpayer to refuse an interior inspection by the appraiser; however, we recommend that it is in your best interest to allow this inspection.  We do not take photos of interiors of dwellings or other buildings and we try to be as non-intrusive as possible.   We are gathering data on number of bedrooms and baths, the date of renovation of interior rooms, measurement of interior features like half-story or basement finished areas that sometimes cannot be measured accurately from the exterior.   We are also gathering data on any factors that may impact value negatively such as water in the basement, awkward layout, very dated interior cosmetics, etc.  In fairness to other taxpayers who allow interior inspections, we cannot give credit for depreciation issues we cannot verify visually from the exterior of the building if you do not allow interior inspections.

If you would prefer to schedule an appointment rather than allow us to make a “cold call” to your home during the weeks that we will be working in your neighborhood, please call the Assessor’s office at 446-2974 or email Please indicated a couple of different dates and times you are available, keeping in mind appointments takes 15 to 30 minutes.   If your property is vacant land, we typically conduct inspections from the street or main access to the property as well as mapping information that may be available at the town office.   If there are specifics to your vacant land parcel that you would like to share or if access is restricted or limited, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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