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The town of Wallingford will go to tax sale on six properties at noon on Wednesday, January 11 at Town Hall, 75 School Street, Wallingford.

Information regarding the tax sales is posted on the bulletin board at Town Hall.

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Climatologist Alan Betts will be the guest speaker at a Conservation Commission forum on Monday, January 23 at 6:30 p.m. at Wallingford Town Hall. Admission is free.

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VTrans will be repairing a broken rail on the North End Drive rail crossing Thursday, November 10 throughout the afternoon. Motorists should expect some delays.

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General election results for the town of Wallingford:


Clinton/Kaine 524

DeLaFuente/Steinberg 4

Johnson/Weld 35

Lariva/Puryear 1

Stein/Baraka 22

Trump/Pence 461

U.S. Senator:

Pete Diamondstone 8

Cris Ericson 31

Patrick Leahy 562

Scott Milne 489

Jerry Trudell 12

Rep. to Congress:

Erica Clawson 113

Peter Welch 910


Bill Lee 42

Sue Minter 397

Phil Scott 665

Lt. Governor:

Randy Brock 583

Boots Wardinski 22

David Zuckerman 472

State Treasurer:

Murray Ngoima 44

Beth Pearce 838

Don Schramm 106

Secretary of State:

Jim Condos 876

Mary Alice Herbert 102

Auditor of Accounts:

Marina Brown 47

Dan Feliciano 495

Doug Hoffer 456

Attorney General:

Deborah Bucknam 429

T.J. Donovan 570

Rosemarie Jackowski 44

State Senator:

Brian Collamore 502

Peg Flory 543

Scott Garren 287

Cheryl Hooker 436

Richard Lenchus 65

Kevin Mullin 546

Korrine Rodrigue 351

State Representative:

Ron Boucher 566

Thomas Burditt 409

Dave Potter 551

Ted Schaft 33

Michael Stimpfel 287

High Bailiff:

Penelope Garofano 562

William Humphries 361

Justice of the Peace (top 10 elected):

(#5)Ruth Anne Barker 495

Erika Berner 238

(#6)Ron Boucher 495

(#7)Ann Buffum 442

(#8)Sandra Thurlow Eddy 435

(#1)Judy Edmunds 570

(#3)Lynn Edmunds 530

Meghan Ferguson 250

(#4)Charlie Gauthier 521

Walt Kelly 297

Michael Luzader 303

Milt Moore 295

Kevin Mulholland 359

Patricia Pranger 338

(#2)Wendy Savery 570

Debbie Scranton 349

Stefanie Taylor 303

(#9)Sue Thayer 422

Joan Tift 340

(#10)Tom Truex 396

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The Energy Committee will be hosting a Button Up Workshop on Saturday, November 12 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at WES. Free energy audits will be given away as door prizes.

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Wallingford Rescue and Wallingford Fire Dept. are holding a food drive on Saturday, November 5 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Family Dollar parking lot. Please bring non-perishables to fill the ambulance.