Wallingford Selectboard Minutes*

*These are unofficial Minutes subject to the approval at the next regular meeting.

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October 1, 2012

Present:  Bill Brooks, Nelson Tift, Frank Bruce, and Ann Tiplady  

Others Present:  Julie Sharon, Joyce Barbieri, and Sandi Switzer  

Chair B. Brooks called the Selectboard meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  

Minutes.  N. Tift moved to approve the minutes of September 17, 2012; F. Bruce seconded.  Motion carried (3-0).   

Selectboard Orders.  Pay orders totaling $108,242.98 were approved, with one addition for Mason Landscaping for $452, on a motion made by F. Bruce and seconded by N. Tift.  Motion carried (3-0).  (A. Tiplady arrived at 6:32 p.m.)  

Boundary Lines.  Julie stated that Dean Russell of Russell Graphics was agreeable to moving the Wallingford town line on the Scott property.  He also recommended moving the Niederman 1.3 acre parcel from Tinmouth into Wallingford with the rest of his 171.7 acres.  However, Tinmouth Town Clerk Gail Fallar advised that Niederman is being taxes on 9.4 acres.  She requested a meeting among Listers to review the property lines on the tax maps.  However, after some discussion, the Selectboard was satisfied that the Scott issue will be resolved.  Since Mr. Russell provides tax maps for both Wallingford and Tinmouth, he should resolve the Niederman issue.  

Wireless Capital Proposal.  Joyce reported on her reference checks with Wireless Capital clients.  She spoke with a RI client and the most important point of the conversation was that we’re such a moving target and because of our cell site location, the Town should hold off for a year before considering a cell site lease buyout.  He felt the Town should receive at least 10x its current lease value ($178,000).  The Selectboard agreed not to make any decision on Wireless Capital’s cell site lease buyout offer at this time. [Kim Phillips stopped in to apologize for Tom who couldn’t be at the meeting.]  

Route 140W Bridge Update.  Julie informed the Selectboard that on September 18th, a steel inspection was held at the bridge project site to determine if additional repairs to the bridge were necessary, beyond those indicated in the original design by the Town’s engineer, Dubois & King. The inspection also served as an opportunity to thoroughly inspect the blasting and priming completed by Vermont Protective Coatings. The inspection started on the west end of the bridge and moved towards the east, thoroughly examining each of the stringer beams, floor beams, diagonal braces, gusset plates, and other miscellaneous members.  D&K recommends additional repairs of several gusset plates, braces, brackets, etc., which is estimated to cost well over the $20,000 budget allotted.  D&K also noted that some of the repairs listed on the original drawings may not be required.  

The Selectboard discussed the copies of the weekly updates of the bridge that they receive and asked that Julie forward them the photos that are included in the email.  A. Tiplady asked if photos of the bridge construction’s progress could be posted to the town’s website weekly.  

Other Business/Announcements.  On a motion made by B. Brooks, and seconded by F. Bruce, approval was given to Sam’s Steakhouse for a caterer’s permit for a charity dinner for youth soccer at the Boy’s Camp on October 13th.  Motion carried (4-0).  

Last Thursday Julie was visited by Dan Newhall and Nick Pattis of VTrans to discuss the High Risk Rural Road (HRRR) Program.  This program was established to address safety concerns on rural roads where fatalities and injury-related crashes are great.  The mission of the HRRR program is to carry out low-cost safety improvements projects on rural roads with identified safety issues and to achieve a significant reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injury crashes. Tinmouth is participating in this program on Route 140W and VTrans has offered it to Wallingford starting from Depot Street to the Tinmouth line on Route 140W.  VTrans submitted preliminary drawings that show all of the traffic signs, guardrails and pavement markings that will be performed next summer at no cost to the Town.  Following further discussion, authorization was given to sign an agreement form on a motion made by B. Brooks, and seconded by N. Tift.  Motion carried (4-0).  

The Selectboard read an email from David Whitmore regarding the activity at Mr. Phillips’ property along Route 140 and how he followed a Belden truck filled with gravel that left the property and traveled to a pellet company.  F. Bruce would like to see a survey of the Phillips’ property.  It was A. Tiplady’s opinion that the Town should know the boundaries of its property at Stone Meadow.  B. Brooks explained the parcel’s boundary lines.  B. Brooks stated that Mr. Phillips is working under the zoning permit that he was given to make site improvements.  If gravel has to be removed from the site, then it has to be taken somewhere.  Following more discussion, the Selectboard agreed that they should not be involved with this complaint, and it should be referred to the Zoning Administrator to determine if a zoning bylaw has been violated.   N. Tift made a motion to refer this to the Z.A. for action; motion seconded by A. Tiplady.  Motion carried (3-1).  B. Brooks voted no.  On behalf of Carol Macleod, Julie asked if the orange construction fence should now be removed by Mr. Phillips.  She was instructed to pass this request along to Mr. Phillips.  

Ann Tiplady gave an update on filling the Zoning Administrator vacancy.  She and J. Burkett will hopefully meet with Mr. Tiffany this week.

Approval was given for A. Tiplady to attend VLCT’s workshop on “Managing the Municipal Budget and Assets Held in Trust” on October 10th at a cost of $55, on a motion made by A. Tiplady, and seconded by N. Tift.  Motion carried (4-0).

The November 19th Selectboard meeting will be moved to November 26th, at Julie’s request.

The meeting adjourned at 7:22 p.m.

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