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*These are unofficial Minutes subject to the approval at the next regular meeting.

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June 18, 2012

Present:  Bill Brooks, Nelson Tift, Frank Bruce, Tom Phillips, and Ann Tiplady  

Others Present:  Julie Sharon, Joyce Barbieri, Hollis Squier, Ann Pace, Phil Baker, Lee Houghton, Steve Benard, Marc Pramuk, Leo Farley, Ron Daly, Reggie Denno, and Sandi Switzer  

Chair B. Brooks called the Selectboard meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  

Minutes.  The June 4th minutes were approved on a motion made by F. Bruce and seconded by A. Tiplady.  Motion carried (5-0).  

Selectboard Orders.  F. Bruce made a motion to approve the pay orders totaling $39,323.82, which was seconded by T. Phillips.  Motion carried (5-0).  

Dog Bite Resolution.  The stray dog that bit Railroad Street resident Nathan Butler was not a stray and actually was being taken care of by his family.  The dog has since been adopted by a rescue organization in Pittsford.  

Roadside Mowing.  Tinmouth road crew employee Hollis Squier voiced his concerns about the unsafe conditions when roadside mowing is performed by his brother, John, on Route 140W in Wallingford.  There are no warning signs, strobe lights or other employee working with him.  The Selectboard thanked him for coming in and will address the situation.  

Rutland Co. Sheriff’s Contract.  Sheriff Steve Benard presented a new contract effective July 1, 2012 in the amount of $17,340.  Wallingford will be assigned a deputy through the COPS Grant program, who will work a split patrol in Wallingford and Clarendon for 40 hours per week of coverage on average.  It is the deputy’s goal to provide increased patrols, investigate drug crimes and quality of life issues, while becoming involved in the community.  Although this is a four-year grant funded position, Wallingford is under no obligation to commit to it annually.  B. Brooks made a motion to sign the contract; motion seconded by T. Phillips.  Motion carried (5-0).  Leo Farley reported that there is speeding at the bottom of Route 140 near Routes 155 and 103.  

Dog Complaint.  East Wallingford residents Leo Farley, Ron Daly, and Reggie Denno spoke about the chronic barking at Ann Pace’s residence when no one is home.  Mr. Farley reported that this barking has been ongoing for two years, and there has been no resolution to his numerous complaints.  Dog Warden F. Bruce visited the property but did not hear the dogs barking.  Ms. Pace spoke to her neighbors who say there is no problem, and she doesn’t feel you can hear the barking down the street.  She added that there are other dogs in the neighborhood who bark as well.  Last weekend she purchased a bark control device in an effort to resolve the complaints.  F. Bruce will visit the property again and report back to the Selectboard.  

Public Comments.  East Street resident Lee Houghton reported on the grading that Phil Baker did today and feels that crowning is the way to go.  However, there is a serious dust problem, and he was told by the road crew that there is no chloride.  Julie reported that there is a $700 budgeted for chloride that has not been spent yet.  Mr. Houghton also recommended that less sand and salt be used on his road during the winter.  Phil will discuss with the road crew possibly purchasing the chloride from Carrara ’s before the end of the month.  

Phil reported on the grading he performed on East Street and the bottom of Sugar Hill today and said that the york rake needs to be put back into commission.  The roads are too bare and need more material.  Phil also obtained pricing for filters from Sanel Auto Parts who are less expensive than Allied Auto.  The Selectboard agreed that he should initiate a weekly auto parts delivery system so that Sanel can restock filters automatically, which would save the road crew from having to drive to Rutland.  

Reclamation Status.  T. Phillips reported that Belden will be mixing the nutrasoil and spreading it this week on the northern slope and then hydroseed.  The nutrasoil will be delivered to the well head soon, some of which will be blended in with some of the silt.  Someone will have to hydroseed this area after 10 days and pricing for this will be obtained from Belden, Pine Hollow, etc.  

T. Phillips reported that a ditch was installed at the top of the hill to divert the rainwater.  Belden will smooth out the ruts on the hill and will patch more if they develop.  Belden will also clean up the silt that has settled on the trail and replace the surpac that washed away.  Joyce asked if T. Phillips would pass his savings on to the Town from acquiring this nutrasoil; however, he reported that Kurt Belden told him that this procedure was more time-consuming for him.  Marc Pramuk asked questions about the progress of the project and what preventive measures are being taken to prevent the impact of runoff.  T. Phillips replied that the ditching has helped, Belden does this type of work all the time, and that once the grass grows, the slope should be satisfactory.  Belden Company will issue a one-year warranty as well.  

Joyce presented the loan documents that will pay for this project. B. Brooks made a motion to approve executing loan documents with Merchants Bank in the amount of $90,000 to be repaid in four annual installments of $22,500 plus accrued interest at a rate of 2.57% per annum.  Motion seconded by N. Tift.  Motion carried (4-0).  T. Phillips abstained.  

Tree Removal Quotes. Bids were received to cut down the tree on the corner of Cook Drive from Robert Barker, Eric Holmquist, G. M. Tree Tech, LLC, and Ace Arborist.  On a motion made by F. Bruce and seconded by T. Phillips, low bidder Eric Holmquist was awarded the contract at $400, subject to proof of liability insurance.  Motion carried (4-0).  A. Tiplady abstained.

Proposed Time Off Policy.  The Selectboard reviewed the newest draft that grouped sick, personal and holiday time off together while keeping vacation leave separate.  Julie recalled that the Selectboard recently approved observance of another holiday; however, she had neglected to add it to the list.  A motion was made by N. Tift to approve the policy as proposed, adding the ninth holiday; motion seconded by F. Bruce.  Motion carried (5-0).  Julie inquired about the status of the short-term disability coverage that N. Tift had proposed earlier.  Following some discussion, N. Tift amended his motion to include offering Plan 2 short-term disability insurance to the four full-time employees at an annual cost not to exceed $825.  Motion seconded by F. Bruce.  Motion carried (5-0).  

Retaining Walls/Roaring Brook.  Julie reported that earlier today, the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service confirmed that this project would not be eligible for any of their programs.  Therefore, she has notified FEMA of this and will await their reply on whether or not they will fund this final project.  

Year-End Projected Financials/Paving Projects.  Joyce reported that we may break even as there is $49,000 in the checking account, with $39,000 earmarked for the pay  order, $22,000 incoming from the Green Mtn. Forest Service for payment in lieu of taxes, $11,000 to be reimbursed to the listers CD, pension payment and two payrolls remaining in June, and monies to be reimbursed to the building fund.  She will have a firmer figure at the July 2nd meeting.  (Unbudgeted) Tropical Storm Irene expenses total $132,192.19 of which only $100,132.32 has been reimbursed.  FEMA will reimburse 90% of eligible costs; the State share will be 5%.  

Creek Road Bridge Engineer’s Report.  The Selectboard reviewed the report on the condition of the Creek Road Bridge.  Three alternatives to address the bridge needs were investigated and a minor bridge rehabilitation would provide 5-10 years of service life for the bridge before replacement with a new bridge.  The Selectboard will consider this during FY14 budget discussions.  

Special Town Meeting – June 25th.  Questions for the engineer and VTrans Monday evening were compiled and will be forwarded to them.  

Other Business/Announcements.   A. Tiplady discussed her written report of the meeting with Jaron Borg of the Agency of Natural Resources regarding the possible widening of Waldo Lane and rebuilding a portion of Hartsboro Road.  

B. Brooks asked for the clarification of the ordinance pertaining to keeping lawns mowed in the village.  

J. Barbieri requested that the Selectboard send Mrs. Bill Brown a condolence letter on the death of her husband.  He worked for the highway department for several years.  

B. Brooks requested Executive Session for the purpose of discussing personnel matters; F. Bruce seconded.  Motion carried (5-0).  The Board moved to Executive Session at 8:47 p.m. and was joined by Julie Sharon and Joyce Barbieri.  The Selectboard returned from executive session at 9:02 p.m.  No action was taken.  

The meeting adjourned at 9:04 p.m.

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