Wallingford Selectboard Minutes*

*These are unofficial Minutes subject to the approval at the next regular meeting.

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July 2, 2012

Present: Bill Brooks, Nelson Tift, Frank Bruce, Tom Phillips, and Ann Tiplady

Others Present: Julie Sharon, Joyce Barbieri, Don Emery, Tom Truex, and Jay Eddy

Chair B. Brooks called the Selectboard meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Minutes. A. Tiplady doesn’t recall that the Conservation Commission was going to spend their money on grass seed for Stone Meadow as stated in the draft minutes of June 18th. Therefore, this sentence was removed from the "reclamation status" discussion. A. Tiplady didn’t want to vote on the tree removal on Cook Drive; therefore, the results of the vote will be changed. The minutes of the June 18th were approved on a motion made by F. Bruce and seconded by N. Tift with the above changes. Motion carried (5-0). The June 25th special meeting minutes were approved on a motion made by B. Brooks and seconded by F. Bruce. Motion carried (5-0). The June 25th special town meeting minutes were approved on a motion made by B. Bruce and seconded by F. Bruce, subject to changing the "$100,000 value" to "$100 value". Motion carried (5-0).

Selectboard Orders. B. Brooks made a motion to approve the pay orders totaling $18,282.56, which was seconded by F. Bruce. Motion carried (5-0).

Memorial Day Parade. American Legion members Don Emery, Jay Eddy, and Tom Truex came to speak on the annual parade. Mr. Emery reviewed what they coordinate for the parade and what Joyce has done in the recent past. He would like to see some changes and recommended that someone from the Town attend their April and May meetings so all parties can discuss the preparations each year. Traffic enforcement was discussed as well. Mr. Emery will prepare a checklist of each party’s responsibilities.

Constable Authority-Act 103. The Selectboard reviewed the notification from VLCT regarding Act 103 of 2012 – An Act Relating to the Certification of Capitol Police and to Legislative Traffic Control and Parking and how it affects the qualifications for exercising law enforcement authority by municipal constables. Constable(s) will not be covered for civil liability by PACIF if, after June 30th, they are not acting within the scope of their duties as authorized by the Town and State of Vermont. N. Tift reported that Constable Jerry Tift will be exempt for one year (up to 7/1/13) because he is currently participating in training to become certified.

Dog Barking Complaint Follow Up. Dog Warden F. Bruce reported that he visited the Pace home and could not hear any dogs barking. Hopefully, Ms. Pace’s dog barking device is working.

Building Use Requests. On a motion made by B. Brooks and seconded by N. Tift, approval was given to the Gilbert Hart Library to use the upstairs on 7/17 and 9/9 for theatre and music performances. Motion carried (5-0).

Liquor License Request. Approval was given on a motion made by F. Bruce and seconded by T. Phillips for the liquor license renewal for W&L Holdings Inc. (White Rock Inns). Motion carried (5-0).

Tree Removal Quotes. Julie reported that the low bidder chosen at the last meeting could not provide liability insurance. Therefore, she awarded the contract to the next lowest bidder, Robert Barker Tree Surgery/Landscaping who quoted $750. Mr. Barker has provided proof of liability insurance.

Lake Roof. Julie reported that she forgot to specify that the roof should be "ivy green" in the request for proposals, which cost us an additional $450 bringing the low bidder’s total to $3,836 vs. the $3,386 that was approved by the Selectboard. This extra cost was still the lowest bid for the new lake roof. T. Phillips approved this additional cost, which was seconded by F. Bruce. Motion carried (5-0).

Reclamation Status. The Selectboard received a letter from William Burke, District Environmental Commission #1 Coordinator that confirms that the reclamation required in Land Use Permit #1R0797-3 has been satisfactorily completed. T. Phillips that the slope has been hydro seeded and is growing grass. Following further discussion, B. Brooks made a motion to approve payment to T. J. Phillips and Sons Construction, Inc.; motion was seconded by N. Tift. Motion carried (4-0). T. Phillips abstained.

Time Off Policy. Julie requested that the vacation time leave also be based on a fiscal year vs. a calendar year; otherwise, the employees will not earn any vacation time from July 1, 2012 through December 30, 2012. This request was approved on a motion made by B. Brooks and seconded by F. Bruce. Motion carried (5-0).

Retaining Walls/Roaring Brooks. The Selectboard reviewed a letter received June 27th from FEMA rep Richard Henderson, Sr. asking for further documentation concerning this final project. Julie will furnish this information to FEMA. The Selectboard also reviewed an email from VLCT asking for a list of unreimbursed emergency service expenses stemming from damage due to Tropical Storm Irene. Julie notified VLCT of this last project in case FEMA does not approve funding for this project.

Route 140W Bridge Project. For the record, Julie asked that it be noted that although the financials show that the Town has spent $35,000 on this bridge out of its $75,000 budget to date, the State reimbursed the Town 80% of those expenses. Therefore, the Town has only spent about $7,000. We may have a deficit of approximately $30,000 at the end of this project.

Year-End Financial Results. Joyce reported that her preliminary calculations show that the year will end at approximately $1,400 in the red compared to a projected deficit of $7,530. This outcome is all a result of the unforeseen expenses from Tropical Storm Irene.

Next Meeting Date. Julie reported that the RFP’s for the construction inspection services for the Route 140W bridge are due back by July 19th. Therefore, she asked that the July 16th meeting be postponed until July 23rd so that the Selectboard can open the bids at that time. The Selectboard agreed to this change in meeting date.

A motion was made by B. Brooks to enter executive session at 7:29 p.m. with J. Sharon and J. Barbieri present, to discuss personnel matters. N. Tift seconded the motion. Motion carried (5-0). The Selectboard returned from executive session at 7:39 p.m.

On a motion made by F. Bruce and seconded by T. Phillips, 3% raises were approved for the Town Administrator, Town Clerk, Assistant Town Clerks, and two transfer station employees, S. Stewart and J. Regula. The road crew salaries will be reviewed at the next meeting upon receipt of their annual evaluations. Motion carried (5-0).

B. Brooks stated that as was discussed in the past about consolidating the Zoning Administrator duties with the staff that is performing lister duties in an effort to save on salary expense and be able to offer zoning assistance during town hall hours, he spoke with Lister John Tiffany who agreed to accept these new duties. A two-week notice termination letter will be mailed to Peter Hathaway, our Zoning Administrator. This action was approved on a motion made by B. Brooks and seconded by F. Bruce. Motion carried (4-0). A. Tiplady abstained. B. Brooks made a motion to give keys for the Town Hall to Ann Tiplady so that the Planning Commission can have access for meeting. Motion seconded by F. Bruce. Motion carried (5-0).

The meeting adjourned at 7:41 p.m.

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