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*These are unofficial Minutes subject to the approval at the next regular meeting.

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July 23, 2012

Present:  Bill Brooks, Nelson Tift, Tom Phillips, and Ann Tiplady


Others Present:  Julie Sharon, Joyce Barbieri, Michael Frye, Catherine Marr, Phil Baker , Ron and Kelly Shaw, Charles Gottlieb, Jill Burkett, Debbie Scranton, Carol Macleod, Chris and Carol Garrow, and Marc Pramuk  

Chair B. Brooks called the Selectboard meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  

Minutes.  The July 3rd meeting minutes were approved on a motion made by T. Phillips and seconded by N. Tift.  Motion carried (4-0).  

Selectboard Orders.  There were a few questions about some of the bills.  N. Tift made a motion to approve the pay orders totaling $16, 726.25, which was seconded by T. Phillips.  Motion carried (4-0).  

Frye Dog Hearing.  Chip Gottlieb reported that on July 10th as he was walking his dog along Haven Hill Road , he was bit in the leg by Mr. Frye’s dog.  All parties involved received a copy of the Animal Bite Report prepared by Health Officer Trisha Nash.  Mr. Gottlieb had not received an apology but received one from Mr. Frye, who stated that he would keep his dog inside or leashed when outside.  

Shaw Dog Hearing.  Mr. Gottlieb reported that on July 15th when he was jogging with his daughter along North End Drive that he was knocked down and bit in the buttocks by Mr. Shaw’s dog.  All parties involved received a copy of the Animal Bite Report prepared by Health Officer Trisha Nash.  Mrs. Shaw, who witnessed the attack, offered Mr. Gottlieb a ride home and to pay for any medical expenses.  Mr. Gottlieb did not wish harm to either of these dogs, but would like them to be leashed when outside.     

Mr. Gottlieb also requested that the “leash” law be published in the town newsletter to remind dog owners of this ordinance as he’s encountered many unleashed dogs throughout the town.  There was a discussion about using dog repellent.  Both matters were considered resolved by the Selectboard, Mr. Gottlieb and the dog owners.  

Road Commissioner’s Report.  Prospect Street resident Chris Garrow discussed his culvert project and asked if the Town was going to pave Prospect Street this year as he would like to repave his driveway.  If Prospect Street is not being paved, he asked to have the street shimmed for a length of approximately 200’ in front of his property so that the rain will shed easily off both sides as his driveway is the lowest point on the street.  After further discussion regarding this year’s paving budget and a list of potential candidates, it was agreed to seek quotes for portions of Prospect Street, Hartsboro Road, Creek Roads and Route 140W.  Phil offered to meet with the bidders next week.  

Phil Baker discussed the culvert along the Auer property further north on Prospect Street that has risen which has caused the water to run beneath it.  The road crew will need to bury this deeper so that the frost can’t lift it.  Julie was asked to check with the Fire District to see if they plan to dig up any water lines along Hull Avenue and Prospect Street this year.  

Phil stated that next year’s gravel budget needs to be significantly increased next year as the roads are bare. T. Phillips again asked that the road crew fix the ditch near Mr. Choiniere’s property on Haven Hill Road.  Phil agreed to meet with T. Phillips and Mr. Choiniere this week to view the road.   

Fuel Bids.  The Selectboard reviewed bids from the only two bidders -Mac’s and Patten Oil. On a motion by B. Brooks and seconded by N. Tift, the Board awarded the #2 heating oil contract to Mac’s for a fixed price of $3.255 per gallon (monthly budget plan).  Motion carried (4-0).    

Ames True Temper Request.  The Selectboard reviewed a letter from Donald Woods, P.E. asking if a town permit is required to perform some investigatory work inside the underground canal/raceway system at Ames True Temper.  Julie had given this letter to the Zoning Administrator for his opinion as well.  The Selectboard concurred with the Zoning Administrator that no town permit is needed at this time.  

Route 140W Bridge Financing.  On a motion made by B. Brooks and seconded by T. Phillips, Joyce Barbieri was authorized to sign the commitment letter to borrow $100,000 through the Vermont State Infrastructure Bank, at a 1% fixed rate for a 10-year term.  There is a 2% commitment fee due at closing.  Motion carried (4-0).  A. Tiplady questioned the 10 vs. 30 year repayment period. 

Cellular Lease Buyout Proposal.  The Selectboard reviewed a proposal from Wireless Capital who is initially offering cash in the range of $172,000 to $195,000 dependent upon the term sold (30-99 years).  They would not receive any compensation for any future rents.  The Selectboard expressed more interest in this proposal and at Joyce’s suggestion, Wireless Capital will be asked to provide the names of 10 of their clients closest to the east coast so that we can speak with some of them.  

At Phil Baker ’s request, a motion was made by B. Brooks to enter executive session at 7:30 p.m. with J. Sharon, J. Barbieri, and P. Baker present, to discuss personnel matters.  N. Tift seconded the motion.  Motion carried (4-0).  The Selectboard returned from executive session at 7:42 p.m. with no action taken.  

Construction Inspection Quotes.  Proposals and quotes for construction inspection of the Route 140W Bridge repairs were received from Dufresne Group, John Turner Consulting, Inc., and Staff Sterling Management, LLC.  These proposals must be ranked by Julie and two Selectboard members, and N. Tift and B. Brooks offered to read the inspection firm proposals and complete the ranking.  The firm with the strongest technical skill and other qualifications must be selected.  One firm has to be chosen before Friday’s pre-construction meeting.  Therefore, a motion was made by T. Phillips and seconded by A. Tiplady to authorize B. Brooks and N. Tift to choose the firm.  Motion carried (4-0).  

Homer Stone Trail.  Frank Chapman has requested written permission from the Selectboard to allow him to repair the trail that was damaged by Tropical Storm Irene, at no expense to the Town. B. Brooks visited Mr. Chapman’s property last Friday as part of a grievance hearing and described the impassable road.  A. Tiplady spoke to ANR specialist Jaron Borg about making repairs near the river.  Following further discussion, A. Tiplady made a motion to write a letter that the Selectboard has no objection to the Chapman’s repairing the road subject to all other agencies granting approval as well.  The road will be repaired by them at their own risk, and the Town will not be liable.  This letter will not be sent until this is reviewed with the town’s insurer, VLCT.  Motion seconded by B. Brooks.  Motion carried (4-0).  

Other Business/Announcements.  At the last meeting, the Zoning Administrator was terminated in an effort to consolidate those duties with the staff that is performing lister duties in order to save on salary expense and be able to offer zoning assistance during town hall hours.  However, B. Brooks reported that it has come to the attention of the Selectboard that the Zoning Administrator can not be removed from office without cause pursuant to Vermont statute.  Therefore, the termination letter issued to the Zoning Administration has been rescinded.  N. Tift asked if the Zoning Administrator could resume working his original hours – two days per week. A. Tiplady pointed out that the Selectboard has approved his change in hours last fall.  T. Phillips felt that it was difficult to reach him at times, especially if he didn’t adhere to the posted hours.  He needs to be here during his posted office hours.  J. Barbieri pointed out that the town was not saving money by terminating the Zoning Administrator, but rather those funds were earmarked to pay the lister salary.   B. Brooks reported that Mr. Hathaway has offered to take a pay cut of $1,000 starting immediately.

J. Barbieri requested a weekly timesheet from him along with a monthly activity report for the Selectboard and Planning Commission.  B. Brooks will speak with him about this.  

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

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