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Public Notice

The Wallingford Fire District No. 1 will be conducting its annual Fire Hydrant Flushing over the period of Monday, September 17-21, 2018 and Monday, September 24-28, 2018. Hydrant flushing will be conducted by Simon Operation Services, Inc. starting at 8A.M. This will be spread out over a couple of weeks as Simon Operations will be doing one or two hydrants per day.

While flushing will occur over a large area during this time period, water to individual properties should only be affected for a short period of time, typically between 30 to 60 minutes. During this time, residents may notice a slight drop in water pressure accompanied by a reddish coloration of the water.

Please use caution when using water for sensitive activities if you notice a reddish coloration of your water. It is suggested that you do laundry and dishes in the afternoon or evening as they will not be flushing then.

If you notice discolored water, it is recommended that you turn on an outside spigot and allow it to run for approximately three to five minutes or until the water appears clear.

Motorists are encouraged to slow down and use caution when approaching flushing crews.

As a reminder (during the winter) if a fire hydrant is located on or near your property, keeping it free of snow can save crucial time for fire fighters. In the time it takes for them to first locate, then clear a hydrant, a home can go up in flames.

For more information on this project, please feel free to contact the Wallingford Fire District #1 Office at 446-2964.

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