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*These are unofficial Minutes subject to the approval at the next regular meeting.

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August 6, 2012

Present:  Bill Brooks, Nelson Tift, Tom Phillips, Frank Bruce, and Ann Tiplady  

Others Present:  Julie Sharon, Joyce Barbieri, Phil Baker, and Sandi Switzer  

Chair B. Brooks called the Selectboard meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.  

Minutes.  The July 23rd meeting minutes were approved with one correction of a typographical error, on a motion made by T. Phillips and seconded by N. Tift.  Motion carried (4-0).  F. Bruce abstained.  

Selectboard Orders.  Mac’s budget payment for fuel in the amount of $1,749.57 was added to the pay orders.  T. Phillips made a motion to approve the pay orders totaling $8,044.60, seconded by N. Tift.  Motion carried (5-0).  

FY13 Paving Projects.  The Selectboard reviewed and discussed the bids from Fuller Sand & Gravel, Pike Industries, and Wilk Paving for paving portions of Route 140W, Creek Road, Prospect Street, and Hartsboro Road, plus the entire length of Hull Avenue.  Seventy percent of the funding for Route 140W and Creek Road paving will be provided by a VTrans grant up to a maximum project cost of $31,250 each.  Phil Baker reported that he took the three men on a tour of these roads, and they all agreed that Hull Avenue does not need to be paved at this time.  He also spoke with Dale Whittemore at the Sewer Plant who reported that the Fire District may be replacing a water line along Hull Avenue and Prospect Street next year; therefore, Prospect Street should not be paved either.   

Phil also submitted a quote for $24,130 to rebuild the base of Hartsboro Road between Route 7 and the bridge.  He reported that these men also recommended that bank run gravel be used, instead of crushed stone, plus a 6” top layer.  They felt that silt would fill in the cracks and freeze the road.  There was discussion about raising the road to its original height and the flooding that occurs along that area.  

The Selectboard discussed the proposals for installing a .75” shim and 1” top and the range in estimated tons on each proposal, i.e. Route 140W: 570 tons, 637 tons and 670 tons.  F. Bruce was concerned with the difference in the quantity; however, all three companies bid on the same specs.  N. Tift moved to award the project to the lowest bidder, Fuller, at $72 per ton for a total cost of $41,040 per road to pave Route 140W and Creek Road; motion seconded by T. Phillips.  Motion carried (4-1).  F. Bruce voted no.  

Homer Stone Trail Repairs.  As a follow up to Frank Chapman’s request to allow repairs to the trail that was damaged by Tropical Storm Irene, Julie contacted VLCT who advised that since there are no maintenance obligations for trails, the Town should have in writing that all work will be paid for by the private landowner, that the work will be performed to the board's standards and within the right of way (a plan for the work should be prepared and submitted to the board for approval and an opportunity to inspect when the work is finished and the parameters of the repair should be limited to what is reasonably necessary).  The Town should also obtain an signed indemnification agreement from the people doing the work to protect it from liability as well as an agreement that ongoing maintenance will be performed by the private landowners.  

T. Phillips moved to send a letter to Mr. Chapman stating these requirements; motion seconded by N. Tift .  Motion carried (4-1).  F. Bruce voted no as he felt the Town should not respond.

FY13 Town Tax Rate.  Mary Peterson, Commissioner of Taxes, set Wallingford's Homestead Education Tax Rate at $1.3278 (down from $1.3363) and the Non-Residential Tax Rate at $1.2897 (down from $1.3009).

Joyce Barbieri reported a grand list of $2,369,647,000, compared to last year of $2,355,138,000.  The town budget of $619,888 equates to a town tax rate of $.2616 per $100 of assessed value, compared to $.2376 last year.  The Fire District Tax for 1 and 3 is unknown at this time.   There was discussion on how the town tax rate is calculated each year.  B. Brooks made a motion to set the town tax rate at $.2616, which was seconded by F. Bruce.   Motion carried (5-0).  

Route 140W Bridge Construction Inspector.  B. Brooks explained the process for choosing the company to oversee the construction work on the bridge.  He, along with VTrans Engineer Wendy Pelletier, N. Tift , and Julie reviewed and ranked all three proposals.  Staff Sterling ranked the highest at 63.25 with Dufresne Group coming in second at 60.25.  However, DG came in the highest among the three town reps while Ms. Pelletier chose SS.  Following further discussion, N. Tift made a motion to hire Dufresne Group, which was seconded by F. Bruce.  Motion carried (5-0).  B. Brooks would like to attend the next construction meeting.  

Other Business/Announcements.  F. Bruce questioned the activity with the Rutland City Police Department shown on the Constable’s report.  N. Tift replied that Jerry is completing his field training with them.  

Phil Baker reported that the backhoe and three trucks are out of commission.  He is planning to meet with the road crew tomorrow to get more information.  The work near the wellhead at Stone Meadow is almost done except for some raking that can be done once the roads are finished.  Phil and the road crew met with Don Choiniere a few weeks back to discuss trimming the road along his property on Haven Hill Road; however, Mr. Choiniere is happy with the road’s condition as it is now.  Phil will be directing the road crew to grade Sugar Hill Road this week as special attention is needed near the Roberts’ property.  He will also have them pull ditches while three men are working and get the dirt roads done now, which is the most pressing issue.  

A motion was made by B. Brooks to enter executive session at 7:52 p.m. with J. Sharon, J. Barbieri, and P. Baker present, to discuss personnel matters.  F. Bruce seconded the motion.  Motion carried (5-0).  The Selectboard returned from executive session at 8:33 p.m.  

The Selectboard was in receipt of the annual employee performance evaluations for Charles M. Woods, John Squier, and Charles E. Woods.  On a motion made by B. Brooks and seconded by F. Bruce, 2% raises were approved for the road crew retroactive to July 1, 2012.  Motion carried (3-2).  N. Tift and T. Phillips voted no.  For the record, while the Selectboard has heard good things about the road crew for being right on top of special projects; some felt too much time was spent at the wellhead at Stone Meadow, when the grading of dirt roads should be top priority.  B. Brooks stated that Road Commissioner Phil Baker has the full support of the Selectboard to direct the road crew on whatever projects need to be accomplished in the future.  F. Bruce would like them to start using the rock rake to get the dirt out of the ditches; they may like using it.  Phil Baker will direct Charles E. Woods (father) on what hours he should be working when he is needed.  

The meeting adjourned at 8:38 p.m.

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