town office news  
Town Clerk office hours:  Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Friday, 8 a.m. to Noon.  Contact:  446-2336 or  After-hours mail slot is in the left-side door.  

Town Administrator Vacancy

The Town of Wallingford is seeking a part-time Town Administrator (20 hours per week) with a start date in September. Candidates must have strong administration, computer, organizational, and public interaction skills. Website maintenance experience a plus.  Salary based on experience.  Submit resume and three references to:  Wallingford Selectboard
75 School Street, Wallingford, VT  05773 .  For more information, call 446-2872 or email Position open until filled

dog warden sought!
Our dog warden is no longer able to fulfill his position.  Please contact Julie Sharon, Town Administrator, at 446-2872, for lost/found dogs, dog complaints, etc.  

zero-sort recycling is here!
Zero-Sort Recycling has come to Wallingford's Transfer Station.  Zero-Sort Recycling makes it easier for you to recycle and promotes greater participation in recycling by eliminating the need to sort material.  This program puts more of your stuff back into the world and less of it into the landfill.  

Currently, all types of recyclables (paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, tin cans, glass bottles) are all placed in a larger single bin.  No more sorting of junk mail, cardboard, glass, etc. which means less running around at the Transfer Station.  

Brochures that list acceptable materials are available at the Transfer Station.  The list includes: cardboard (grey, brown, white, colored); paper (newspapers, mail, envelopes, magazines, file folders, office paper (any color), used coffee cups, and take-out containers; plastic (all containers including bottles, cups, plates and flatware); glass (bottles and containers -any color); and metal (aluminum, tin, steel containers, staples, paper clips).  Zero-Sort DOES NOT accept Styrofoam, plastic bags, or food waste.  

The Transfer Station will still charge for garbage, construction material and scrap metal.  Returnable bottle and can donations are still accepted on behalf of the Wallingford Elementary School for their environmental education program.

Free E-waste Recycling
We're now accepting computers, peripherals (keyboards, wires, CPU’s, etc.), computer monitors, cathode ray tubes, televisions, printers, personal electronics such as digital assistants, personal music players, electronic game consoles, fax machines, wireless telephones, cell phones, answering machines, VCR’s, digital versatile disc players, digital converter boxes, stereo equipment, power supply cords used to charge electronic devices, microwaves, cell phones, cameras, video cameras, portable or stationary radios, wireless telephones, thermostats, hand held receivers, cell phones, calculators, GPS systems, any commercial medical equipment and floor standing printers.  You can dispose of these for free now.  

tax rates set

Mary Peterson, Commissioner of Taxes, set Wallingford's Homestead Education Tax Rate at $1.3824 (up from $1.3278) and the Non-Residential Tax Rate at $1.3683 (up from $1.2897).  

The town tax rate was set at $.2921 (up from $.2616).  

board vacancies
There are vacancies on the Development Review Board, Planning Commission, Energy Committee, and Conservation Commission.  We are also in need of a DOG WARDEN and an alternate rep to serve on the Rutland Regional Transportation Council.  For more information, contact Julie at 446-2872 or  Please send a letter of interest to the Selectboard at 75 School Street .

Deadline to the Wallingford News is the 23rd of each month.

 audio files
Audio files of the meetings since 6/17/13 are available via email.  If you would like a copy, email your request to Julie Sharon at  

Off-white Venetian blind (approx. 7.33 ft.) at the Town Clerk's office.  Call 446-2336 or stop in.  

attention property owners – if you have changed your mailing address within the last year (closed your post office box or opened one), please notify us at the Town Clerk’s office at 446-2336 or so that your property tax bill that will be mailed this month won’t be returned to us.  Thank you!  

elfin lake open for the season 
Daily rates:  $3 adults; $1.50 (2-18); under 2 free.
Telephone:  446-2496.  Open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.  Free after 6 p.m.  Wallingford residents:  Family season pass:  $65.  Nonresidents:  Family season pass:  $75.      NO REFUNDS! Kayaks and gas grill for rent.  

summer recreation program
Only two weeks left - July 29th, August 5th.    There's still time to sign up.  

attention residents
The Highway Department is asking that if you see a problem on a town road, i.e. a sink hole, a tree down, etc., please call the Garage at 446-2472.  Don’t assume that someone has already called in to report it.  You can leave a message if no one answers, and you don’t have to leave your name.  It’s not possible for the Highway Department to ride the roads every day to inspect them.  Thank you for your help.

green mountain passport - a discount program for seniors and veterans
To be eligible for a passport, a person must be:

A legal resident of Vermont and is 62 years of age or older or A veteran of the uniformed services.

Use your passport for free admission to Vermont State Parks (overnight camping and other park fees are excluded), Vermont State Historic Sites, and events which are fully State sponsored.  

To receive a Green Mountain Passport, just fill out an application at the Town Clerk’s Office and pay a $2.00 fee.  (The Green Mountain Passport Program began in 1973 by enactment of the General Assembly.)  

notes from the zoning administrator 
Camping season is here!  The recreational vehicles are on the move, and plans for the new deer camp are on the drawing board.  To avoid any zoning issues with the State & Town, kindly keep in mind:  

A “primitive camp” is limited to only a sink, and can be occupied for a total of 60 days per year, or a maximum continuous use of 21 days (VT Waste Water Rules).  An outhouse or composting toilet is usually O.K. to use with a primitive camp.  

Regardless how “rustic”, any upgrade of a structure that includes bathing and toilet facilities requires a VT Waste Water Permit (with a potable water supply & an approved septic system).  It does not matter whether it is used seasonally or year-round.  

A camper (R.V., travel trailer, etc.) that is self contained, may solve the waste water discharge issues.  Local zoning requires camper storage to be in the back portion of a parcel, and set back at least 12 feet from all property boundaries.  Campers may not be occupied or used for long-term living purposes.  

Questions?  Check out the Zoning Rules on line at or call 802-446-2974.  

Best Wishes for a great time in our beautiful “Back Woods”.  Jeff Biasuzzi  

property transfers
Seller:  Estate of Alfred Robbins, 109 Meacham Street, Buyer: Joseph Buckley, Assessed value $121,400, Purchase price $85,000. 

Seller:  Estate of Alice Tyrrell, 610 Wallingford Pond Road, Buyer: Green Mountain Bureau Assessed value $58,400, Purchase price $25,000.  

zoning permits issued
Steve & Connie George, 167 Wickham Lane, 10'x20' breezeway. 

Kevin Fredette, 27 Van Wyck Road, 24'x24' garage. 

{Please note that these meeting minutes are a brief summary and are not the final approved version.}


07/15/13. Present:  B. Brooks, N. Tift, M. Tessier, T. Phillips, and G. Fredette

The Board approved Fuller Sand & Gravel for paving Prospect Street .

The Road Foreman will look into the complaint about Hillside Road, and a dead tree on Nash Drive.  The rebuilding of a portion of Hartsboro Road was discussed.  A RFQ will be sent out by Julie.

The Board approved applying for a Better Backroads grant for conducting a culvert inventory.

VTrans announced they hope to fix all of the RR track approaches in August.

A building use request was approved.

The Rotary received approval to move their coin drop (held 7/14) back near the Rotary since the State would not approve of the new location down by the cemetery.  The State felt that location was too dangerous.

Joyce reviewed the year-end financial condition of the Town.  Because of the cost overruns of the Route 140W Bridge and the high number of delinquent taxes, the year end deficit is significant.  The Board agreed to defer the budgeted money for Creek Road Bridge sinking fund and Special Projects so the year-end will be break even.

The town tax rate was set at $.2921, up 3˘.

The State set the school residential rate at $1.3834 (up 6˘) and the non-residential rate at $1.3683 (up 8˘).

Personnel evaluations were reviewed in executive session. 

planning committee

No meeting held in July.

prudential committee

06/26/13.  Present:  S. Hardy and S. Sendra

Maureen reported that the new fire utility truck will be picked up this next week at the dealership.

The repairs have been completed on the leak on School Street.  It was discovered that the school was never hooked up to the new line.  They are looking into the possibility of getting this completed soon.

Sherry asked about the possibility of producing  brochures with information and pictures about the Lodge and possibly having a Facebook page.  Scott stated that they had talked about this in the past but have not gotten it done.  Sherry will go ahead and start work on this project to promote the Lodge.

07/10/13.  Present:  S. Sendra and A. Sharp

Maureen let the board know that the old fire utility truck has been sold for $2700, and the new one is now at Decorcie’s getting the decals and lighting installed.  It will be delivered in the next couple of weeks.

The financial statements were reviewed and approved.

The board went over the budgets so they could set the new rates for water/sewer/fire district tax and the water bond.  Rates were left the same except for the fire district tax which was lowered to .0252 per $1000. 

Maureen showed the board a map that was prepared by SOS for our water system, showing all shut offs, water lines, hydrants and the size of the lines. 

wallingford elementary school

06/20/13.  Present:   K. Fredette, J. Rodgers, and P. Rondinone

The Board approved a tax anticipation note with Peoples United Bank in the amount of 360,000.

Wendy Savery gave a quick report on the Gilbert Hart Library and how she is encouraging students to read over the summer. She was very happy to report that she has already seen many kids come for books.

Tara Cancio-Bello expressed thanks for the support given to the Wallingford Rec program.

Wendy, Tara, and Liz Filskov gave opinions on the Middlebury Interactive Language program.

The board expressed that the new facility committee is going well. The shaft in the multi-purpose room was  fixed for much cheaper then previously explained. The board also had a quick discussion on the committee’s last minutes and the future repairs to the building.

Current enrollment is:  138-Preschool= 16, K= 20, 1st = 19, 2nd = 14, 3rd  = 17, 4th  = 19, 5th  =16, 6th = 17. 

The board had a discussion on preschool staffing. Penny explained how the anticipated preschool enrollment for the school year 2013-1024 is increasing. The board discussed possible changes to best accommodate this.

A presentation will be made at the Carousel meeting on Efficiency Vermont’s new “Green Schools” Energy Star rating program. Each school has the opportunity to use the Energy Star rating designation to help it with future facility projects.

The board discussed the Worlds Language Program, including input from members of the public. They very much like the idea but not sure if this is the right option; it was brought up to wait a year and during that time look into other options before accepting.

We are getting very close to making the web page live.

The Board approved the increase in breakfast and lunch costs in order to be in compliance with the federal guidelines.

The Board approved the renewal for the fourth year with the Abbey Group.

The principal and the board discussed the Wildcat Community Garden and affirmed that it is available to all Wallingford children.

conservation commission

06/24/13.  Present:  M. Pramuk, C. Macleod, and D. Scranton

2              Stone Meadow Park - Lauren Eno will help with the planting of trees, keeping open meadows w/wildflowers. 

                Work days for June were discussed.  Also July work days will be on Wednesdays from 5:30-7:30 PM.

               Carol has two signs to post on leashing dogs in the park.

 4            Wallingford Historical Society will hold a joint function with the WCC on August 27 for the re-Dedication of Stone Meadow from A.G. Stone by wife Lucretia (1919).  Picnic dinner at Elfin Lake.  Memorial plaque for Peter Upton, other town officials mentioned.  

Activities to bring people to Stone Meadow, increase awareness.  Child oriented posters to hang at the beach regarding the trails. Map at kiosk to be oriented correctly.  

Lauren went to workshop on invasive insects and plants.  She will work on information for the public.  

Help your community – Help yourself

Volunteer to Work at Stone Meadow Recreation Area.  Contact a Conservation Commission member for details.


wallingford seniors

Foot and blood pressure clinic on Wednesday, August 7th at 10:30 a.m. at the Wallingford House.  

Remember Seniors’ lunch every Monday at Noon at the Rotary.  Contact Linda Weightman at 446-2301.  

Low Impact Aerobics/Stretch and Tone Class
Gilbert Hart Library
Starting May 3, 2013
Every Friday at 10:00 a.m. only
Instructor Annie Robbins 446-2343

the gilbert hart library
The library has been wonderfully busy this summer, with programs and activities for all ages and interests.  The Dig Into Reading Summer Program has been very well attended.  On July 2, Larry Peyton displayed his extensive collection of fossils and other artifacts to a captive audience of about 20 youth and adults.  Tuesday, August 6 we'll explore stuff under the ground once more when Marlene Dawson shares her collection of rocks and minerals at 10:30am in the Klock Room.  Everyone is welcome.  Other July programs for children included Tuesday morning stort times, making vegetable garden pizzas with Julie Redington on  July 13, and a great performance by Summer Encore Theatre on July 24 in the afternoon.  The program culminates on Saturday, August 10 at 2 p.m., when the Four Winds Nature Institute will be on the back lawn of the GHL to dissect a rotting log!  The "Down & Dirty Details" is ideal for kids ages 5-12 years and adults who wish to come along and learn more about real life decomposers like worms, insects, and fungi.

The VT READS selection Poetry 180: A Turning Back to Poetry was explored by community members during a discussion and a wonderful evening of readings and music on July 16.  Many thanks to the readers:  Wendy Savery, Chris Heintz, Linda Kulas, Micheal Luzader, Lois Johnstone, Dan Buckley, and Charlotte and Martha Patton who in total read 32 poems from the collection.  The music was performed by Phil Henry of West Rutland and Micheal Luzuder.  20+ people enjoyed this event and the refreshments afterward provided by the Friends of the Library.  This month, we revisit the collection (copies are still available at the library) with an afternoon Poetry Slam on Wednesday, August 14 at 3:30 p.m.  This event is for all ages; come and bring a favorite poem to share, whether from the VT READS book, another anthology, or your own writing.  We'll share poems in the Klock Room and celebrate this form of artistic expression.

In August copies of the September book club selection (meeting Wednesday, September/18 @ 3:30 p.m.) will be available.  The Wednesday evening French conversation group meets from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Klock Room through August, then will be taking a break for a bit during the fall.  Watch for a film series (dates & movies TBA) beginning in September.

Thank you to all who have responded so graciously to the annual fundraising letter from the Board of Trustees.  We have also had many donations recently and they are much appreciated.  And, to the many volunteers who help staff the library, do work on special projects such as the book sale, flower barrels, covering and shelving books, and more:  THANK YOU.  As the saying goes, "Volunteers are unpaid not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless."  

Library Hours

Tues:              10 - 5:00
Wed:              10 – 8:00
Thurs & Fri:   10 – 5:00
Saturday:         9 – 12:00


hart lines
We took a vacation in June: time off from our monthly meetings, and time off writing our Hart Lines column, What we did instead was to honor Wendy, our Librarian, for all she’s been able to accomplish in the year or so that she’s been running the Library. So, we put on a luncheon at Auer’s house and had a good time doing it.  

Now we are back on track with meetings and with activities. Three windows in the Children’s room have been taken down and will be repaired and reinstalled. Other windows will also be taken care of in their turn, all of which helps to preserve our historic building. The Lexan remains in the window to preserve and protect the window area when the window is away being fixed.  

The Plant Sale back in May was quite successful, netting us about $432. I like the idea of having samples of herbal items for taste-testing. You get a better idea of what the different herbs taste like.  

This month (July) has found the Library using the Vermont Reads text, Poetry 180, a turning back to poetry compiled by Billy Collins, to do some readings of modern poetry. Much of it has a humorous twist to it, so can be very enjoyable. It takes practice to read it well!   

I have noticed recently in the newspaper the passing of Frank Reeve, the father of Christopher Reeve.  He was a writer and teacher in his own right. I wonder how many of you remembered that he led some book discussions for us some years back (I think before we reconstructed the Library.) He was a pleasant man to work with, and had a house in the Mount Holly area.  

The Friends want to say thank you to the Trustees who put on a lovely luncheon recently for those who volunteer their time and talent to the Library. It is always a very good meal!  

Here are some dates to be aware of:

August 9 & 23, 7:00 p.m., Klock Room – Whist parties

August 14 , 2:00 p.m., Klock Room – Friend’s meeting

September 6 & 20, 7:00 p.m., Klock Room – Whist parties

October 11 & 25, 7:00 p.m., Klock Room – Whist parties

October 19, 5 – 7, Library Dinner  

events for the maple valley grange # 318 on route 7 in south wallingford
The Maple Valley Grange now has clothing shed outside its property where you can drop off your clean, wearable clothing.  The Maple Valley Grange will receive income from collecting the clothes!  

Every Thursday Martial Arts at 6:30 p.m.  

Hall Rental -- $150 plus $50 deposit.  Contact Beth Sheehe at 342-6070.  


Bingo on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.  Doors open at 11:15 a.m.; Early bird starts at 12:45.  Regular games start at 1 p.m.  Come and support your local  grange.  Any questions, please call 802-342-6070.  

Also, we are taking donations of non-perishable food for our grocery bingo this fall.  If you would like to donate, items can be dropped off at our bingo's or at the Town Hall.  

The Chipman Lodge 52 FAM holds monthly meetings on the second Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at the Lodge.

Wallingford Historical Society
Join us on for the history of railroads in Vermont for our July 30th meeting.  The July meeting will be held upstairs at the Town Hall where we will also talk about the possibility of moving section house number 14 and converting it into a small museum to be located in East Wallingford .   

For more information on upcoming programs, membership opportunities, publications and photo galleries, visit our website at: or contact President Joyce Barbieri at 446-2336.  

Constable News
I just wanted to let you know I created a page on Facebook, similar to what other agencies are doing, to let residents have an easier way to communicate and express concerns.  It's under "Wallingford Constables Office".             Jerry Tift, Constable 802-353-2378

Wallingford Volunteer Fire Department News
help wanted

Jr. Firefighters – Age 13-18 – Senior Firefighters – Age 18 - ?   We will train.  Volunteers needed -- Age 13- seniors for Fundraisers, work details, events!  Contact John Thomson at 353-0996 for details.

Seniors are certainly welcome to join and help us with fundraisers also.  Contact Charlie Gauthier at 353-0996.  

The First Congregational Church of Wallingford News
First Congregational Church of Wallingford invites you and your family to worship with us at 10:00 Sunday Mornings.  This is a family friendly service that includes children in worship as well as a Sunday School component.  

wallingford rescue news
The 26th Annual 50/50 Raffle is just around the corner.  There is a little bit of a scheduling change this year.  The event is usually held on the fourth Friday in July.  However, this year it will be held on FRIDAY, AUGUST 2ND.  It will be at the same place, The Boys Camp on the shore of beautiful Lake Elfin.  The same delicious snacks will be available and as usual door prizes will be awarded throughout the evening. 

Last year's ticket holders will be contacted very soon if they haven't been already.  There are still 225 tickets sold and the price of a ticket is still $40.00.  If you are interested in purchasing a ticket and did not do so last year, please contact Eric or Dale Davenport at 446-2007 and your name will be placed on a waiting list.  It is always a fun time for all who attend even if you do not win anything.  

So, only the date has been changed just for this year.  Remember, FRIDAY, AUGUST 2ND.  Hope to see you there.  

community acupuncture with virginia voronin, l.a.c.
Tuesday, May 28th, 2013 (And ~ Every 4th. Tuesday thereafter) 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Thrive Center of the Green Mountains, 68 South Main Street, Wallingford  [FREE Will Donation]  

Participants will Experience:  We will gather together in the comfort of our office to receive this effective tradition of acupuncture.  Sitting quietly together for 30 minutes, ear acupuncture helps release stress, promotes deep relaxation, reduces aches and pains and renews energy.  For more information contact: 446.2499  

house for rent
House for rent in village: Available September, 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths, pay First, Last and Security and own utilities.   Call 558-0648 or 558-4214. 

free piano
Free Piano. You take away by September 1st. Call 558-0648.  

vacation bible school
July 29th - August 2nd   6:00-8:15 p.m.

East Wallingford Baptist Church
Kindergarten through 6th grade
Games, crafts, music, snacks & bible story
6132 Route 140E
East Wallingford, VT        802-259-2831

Tinmouth Pond Camp for Sale or Weekly Rental (no pets allowed) 9 West Shore Drive.  Seasonal camp with two bedrooms on .28 surveyed acres with 53' of lake frontage and dock on a private road at Chipman Lake. There is no public access to this private, quiet 79-acre lake. Newer bathroom with shower, living and kitchen combo, two bedrooms and storage shed. Septic, filtered lake water. Move-in condition. Being sold furnished, including a paddleboat, two kayaks and life jackets. New grill, propane stove and electric refrigerator. Great view of the lake from a 10' x 35' porch. Road plowed year round for winter use - great ice fishing. Motor boats allowed. For sale by owner – call (802) 446-2902.

fill for sale
At Mill River Union High School in Clarendon for $2 per yard.  Contact Steve Fowler: or (802)-775-1925 ext. 220.  

ice cream social
You scream, I scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!!!

C:\Users\Allstar\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\WMH8C2MR\MC900445694[1].wmf

All of us at Allstar Childcare Center would like to invite you to our ice cream social and open house on Saturday, August 17, 2013 from 1-3 p.m. at 74 South Main Street in Wallingford.

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet our staff, see the center and register your child for our exceptional program.  

Every Penny Counts
By: Tammy A. Heffernan

Many thanks go out to the Wallingford Selectboard and the residents of the Wallingford for their assistance in making the Wallingford Rotary’s Coin Drop a huge success. The Rotary collected a total of $1,130 as a result of the generosity of the Wallingford community last month.  

As a new member of the Rotary this was my first coin drop. I have to say the prospect of standing out in the middle of Route 7 at 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning soliciting money was not all that appealing to me, but I committed to put “service above self” when I joined the Rotary a few months before so out I went, donning my bright yellow vest and my bucket, armed with my flyers explaining where the money donated goes. I was warned to watch my feet and watch out for mirrors on vehicles, both of which more veteran Rotary members had evidently come up against with less than favorable outcomes I am guessing given the gravity of the warnings I received. Not knowing what to expect, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.  

It was so nice to see so many familiar faces as I stood there for my 1˝-hour shift on a beautiful Saturday morning. I know and you know that most of you could have easily taken another route and avoided us completely, yet you didn’t. Another example of what makes our community a great place to live. So many of you opened up your windows, your coin holders and even your wallets to make very generous donations to the cause. I stood on tippy-toes to gather donations from tractor trailer drivers passing through, accepted coins from children in back seats, half jogged to get donations from those folks who were in a hurry. I happily accepted donations from so many different folks, some passing through town but most of whom that were friendly faces glad to chat for a moment and share a smile as well as a donation. It was a very heartwarming experience.  

On behalf of myself and the other members of the Wallingford Rotary as well as the Wallingford students who were the recipients of the scholarships that the monies donated go toward, thank you Wallingford .  

host families needed
I am a Regional Director working for CIEE, the non-profit agency that coordinates foreign exchange students.  We are the only Maine-based agency that the State Department has designated to supervise the students when they come into the country.  Our mission is to help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world. We are looking for good host families and Local Coordinators to help make sure the students that come here have an enriching stay. 

I am writing because we have a couple students coming to Wallingford for the 2013-2014 high school year, and we need assistance in finding them good homes and families.  We accept all kinds of families - kids, no kids, empty nesters, single parents, and so on. The main requirement is kindness and a willingness to learn about a foreign culture. Families who welcome a student will not only gain a new member, but will also learn about the world, its many values, traditions, languages, food, and more.

Our students have the appropriate visa, medical insurance and pay for all of their own expenses, with the exception of food and utilities. Students are between the ages of 15-18. They arrive in August and are on a 10-month program. A family may act as a welcome family and bring the student into your community for a part of their experience as well.

HAN13039-Boy. Ji Min is a 15-year old boy from South Korea . "I try to respect other people and have much of affections." He loves sports, especially soccer and basketball. Here he would like to join the soccer team and a guitar club. He has one older sister and a twin brother, who is also participating in an exchange program. He doesn't have any pets. He is looking forward to experience American culture and to becoming a real member of his new family. GPA: 2.7. SLEP: 50

FSL13032 Boy. Alvaro is a 15-year old boy from Spain . "I love music. When I listen to a good cellist, I get goose bumps." Alvaro enjoys tennis, judo, playing the cello in an orchestra, watching movies, acting, and bowling. He looks forward to science clubs and sports while at his US school. He dreams of one day flying an airplane. Alvaro is an only child. GPA: 4.0, SLEP: 59, Allergies: None,

OEG13097- Girl. Thipchutha is a 17-year old girl from Thailand . "I love to experience new things and good challenges, that's why I choose to be an exchange student. I'm very unique because I am open to try new things but this does not mean I am an impolite person. I'm actually very polite." She likes to ride her bike in her free time. She is a cheerleader at school and is part of her student council. She is interested in media and fashion. She has a younger sister and brother. Budhism. GPA 3.4 Slep: 48. Allergies: None

ELC13004 - Girl. Alice is a 16-year old girl from Brazil . "I love to meet new people and make new friends." Alice enjoys going to the gym, going to the movies, and spending time at the beach with her family. While she doesn't play on any teams, she likes Volleyball, soccer and swimming. Alice is interested in joining a sports team or drama club here. She likes pets and has one older sister. She is excited to live in a new culture. GPA: 3.3, SLEP: 46. Allergies: none.

Regional Director MD ME NH VA VT
300 Fore Street
, Portland, ME 04101
tel +1.207.553.7812
fax +1.207.553.9412

By Time Sale ; Interest Free

South Main Street ~ Wallingford, VT

Call Charles Gauthier at 353-0996  

Terms: 20% down; balance paid in 10 monthly payments. Deed will be written when last payment is made. If APPLICANT FAILS TO MAKE FINAL PAYMENT AS AGREED, APPLICANT WILL FORFEIT 20% DOWN PAYMENT.  ANY ADDITIONAL MONEY PAID WILL BE RETURNED TO APPLICANT.



The Wallingford Newsletter is published monthly. Support the Wallingford Newsletter with an ad.  Rates are $50 for a business card size ad and $75 for a double ad. Your ad will run for 12 issues. For more information, call the Town Clerk's Office at 446-2336.  Do you have a used car, boat or services to sell?  A one-month ad, 25 words or less is $5.  Is there anything you’d like added to the newsletter?  Let us know.  Issues of the newsletter can be mailed to you if you provide us with the self-addressed stamped envelopes (with 65˘ postage on each). The newsletter is also on the Web at


Editor:  Julie Sharon
Wallingford News
75 School Street, Wallingford, VT   05773

(802) 446-2872

online at

Name Last Name First Name Business

Area Code 802

Glenndenning L.L.C. Glendenning Donald Vermont Country Homes 446-3663
  Coote Pat Firewood-Dry or Green 353-1541  
Roaring Brook Furniture     Retail furniture, gifts & accessories 446-2355
Foggy Creek Art & Photography Wilkins Donna Portraits, Edited Photo Art, Landscapes & More 446-2494
Charlie's Cleaning Angels Gauthier Charlie Business & residential cleaning 353-0996  
Aldous Funeral Home Book Christopher  Funeral Home 773-6252
Neighborworks Heat Squad      Home Efficiency Assistance 438-2303
Thrive Center of the Green Mountains Donohue DC
Donohue MA LMT
Chiropractic Care, Therapeutic Massage, Holistic Health Education, etc. 446-2499
Klockworks Photography & Gallery Klock Lowell Photograph & Gallery 446-2768  
  Imhof Floyd Electrician - residential & commercial - licensed/insured 446-3309  
Lohsen Bill Plumbing & Heating Lohsen Bill Master Plumber-Residential & Commercial 446-2931
Mason's Property & Lawncare Maintenance Mason Louis Lawn mowing, snow removal, etc. 770-4741
Allstar Childcare Center Licensed Childcare Center 414-0070
Gainer Bonnie Alterations, mending, general sewing 446-2290
Circle F Stables Frederick Debbie Horse boarding and riding lessons 446-2665
  Pranger, CPA, MBA Patricia Certified Public Accountant 446-2066





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